Point Blank – Week 3 – Music Distribution


Week 3 at Pointblank focused on Music Distribution. From digital distribution to how you get your music on line, class was great!

At the heart of every successful music career is the urge to make music and sell it, preferably to lots of people. Luckily, these days it is easier than ever to upload your work to the Internet and sell it to anyone who wants it, wherever they are in the world! The ability to write a song in the morning, record it in the afternoon and have it on sale worldwide by the evening would have appeared as nothing but a pipe dream even five years ago, but today this is as common as sending an e-mail; anyone can do it!

However, the fact that it is so easy to do means that people often make simple mistakes on their way to online success. Take Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. Have you even glanced at the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you opened it? Are you aware of the rights that you have granted these huge corporations over your work, including your music? Prob not…

Maybe you have read these terms and conditions, and maybe you are very concerned about file-sharing (or piracy as it is sometimes erroneously called). So, instead of sticking up entire songs to SoundCloud you create thirty second edits of your songs and stick them up instead. Have you considered what effect this might have on your audience? It might appear that you don’t trust them and so are holding back your precious music. That way you are treating your potential fans as thieves. That’s not a great way to win new friends is it?

The internet evolves every day and in order to have a successful web presence and to make money from your music you must stay on top of these developments. I mean you really have no choice. Don’t forget to grow your online presence!

~Michelle for EDMNYC



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