REVIEW: Wolfgang Gartner’s Return to Webster Hall with gLAdiator & Callie Reiff


Daylight Savings may have cost us an hour of sleep on Saturday, March 12th, but Wolfgang Gartner’s set at Webster Hall made it all the more worth it to lose an entire night’s worth of rest with his genre-defying set.

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After waiting almost a year, New York fans were particularly ecstatic to see the legend return to Webster’s stage; and boy did he deliver. In typical DJ fashion, he came to the stage wearing all black, and kicked off his set with a remix of the notorious throwback, “Crush On You” by The Jets. The packed floor and balcony erupted in excitement when he transitioned into Twin Pack’s “Muchos Maracas” (which samples the iconic “Jump In The Line” song you most likely recall from Beetlejuice).

Aside from crowd-pleasing remixes, he threw some original tracks into his set including “Up In Smoke,” “Space Junk” and “Y.W.M.O.,”  but what makes a live Wolfgang Gartner show so special is his fearlessness to incorporate any BPM or genre into the flow of the night. His ability to mix staple EDM tracks like deadmau5’s “Animal Rights” and then Y2K hip hop bangers like 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” proves that he is no match for any other artist when it comes to musical diversity.

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Similarly to Wolfgang Gartner, his opener, Callie Reiff, was no exception to the night of excellence. If the name “Callie Reiff” is unfamiliar to you, then fear not, because in not time she is bound to be the next show-stopping headliner on all festival lineups. Although young in age, no one would be able to tell watching her opening set, which seemed to be supported by years worth of experience. She hyped the Grand Ballroom with songs like GTA‘s remix of  “Party Up” and “Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna. If that wasn’t enough to ignite the crowd, she took a break from the decks to come to the front of the stage to join the crowd in a cathartic moment of all-out-balls-out excitement.

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Other memorable moments from the night included trap masters, gLAdiator. The hilarious LA duo opened their set with a sincere tribute to Wolfgang Gartner where Dan remarked, “It’s a fucking honor to play for this guy!” What I love most about gLAdiator is that they let their personalities shine above and beyond the musical content of their set with ridiculous dance moves and intermittent commentary. For instance, at one point through they said, “Yo it’s Sunday, you ain’t got shit to do; put your middle fingers up!” At another point they exclaimed “New York, do you mind if we take it back one time?” and cut to Avicii’s “Levels.” Even though we’ve all heard this classic song about 3,000 times since it’s release, no one in the room could resist singing along to the catchy synth pattern.

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True to form, they included classic hip hop and trap anthems like Drake’s “Jumpman,” Carnage’s “WDYW,” and Heroust’s “Pipette Up.” They also took their time on the New York stage to incorporate some jungle terror vibes including Wuki’s remix of “Kingpin.” Overall, the night was jam-packed with the diverse musical stylings that keep you coming back time and time again to Webster’s Girls & Boys parties.

Stay weird New York! Hope you were able to sleep in on Sunday morning!

– Liz Tillman for EDM NYC



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