Special Guests and Special Sets: Le Youth Takes Webster Hall


Although memories from last Friday can’t live forever in your SnapStory, there is no doubt that Le Youth’s performance at Webster Hall’s Girls & Boys night will always remain in your heart.

Le Youth brought his cool-Cali vibe to the New York stage where he kicked off his set with the feel-good remix of “I Follow Rivers” by The Magician. In classic Le Youth fashion, he immediately took audience members on a ride through his extensive remix library, featuring the songs that put him at the top of SoundCloud’s “Must Watch” list. Some fan favorites included his remixes of Goldroom’s “Embrace,” Disclosure’s “Voices” and Jess Glynne’s “Hold My Hand.”

One of the unique qualities about Le Youth’s production style is that he knows the exact flare and special zest to add to each song in order to transform it into a catchy and irresistible jam that makes you want to drive around with the sun roof down. Now in order to make the night a real party, Le Youth made a bold move and started inviting girls from the crowd onto the stage to dance with him. Needless to say, girls from the crowd flooded the stage in no time.

10307386_10154536750610606_9194094628693812266_nPhoto Courtesy of Webster Hall

Continuing the set with catchy remixes like Sigala’s “Easy Love,” Le Youth would intermittently take breaks from the decks in order to pose in pictures with his loyal fans on the stage and even pass drinks around! He effectively crumbled the assumed wall of superiority between “fans and artists” – not one person that night felt as if Le Youth was unapproachable because of his presumed aura of “fame.” On the contrary, Le Youth made everyone in the room feel appreciated, which is something that is hard for many artists to genuinely do in their sets.

12742058_10154536750370606_7286121594143618715_nPhoto Courtesy of Webster Hall

As if inviting half the Grand Ballroom to party onstage with him wasn’t enough, Le Youth brought out fellow house music mogul: Viceroy. To everyone’s surprise, the excitement of seeing the two on stage gave everyone the perfect excuse to rage into the early hours of Saturday morning (regardless of how tired their bodies may be).

20160219_8140-1038x692Photo Courtesy of NickyDigital.com

Aside from Le Youth’s surprises, other acts that were just as memorable from the night included sets from Just Kiddin and JackLNDN. Let me ask- if you had a broken arm, would you still attempt DJing a party? Well for JackLNDN, a broken arm was no challenge, and he proceeded to present New York fans his first ever live show!

12745913_10154536746235606_5302041080783981132_nPhoto Courtesy of Webster Hall

Coming to the Big Apple from London, the Brit sported his cast with no shame, complete with live drums and vocals. For those of you who came too late to the show to experience the majestic beauty of his singing voice, we caught a snippet here for your ears to indulge. His set also incorporated remixes of Mariah Carey’s “Emotions” and his remix of Louis The Child’s “It’s Strange.”

Stay weird New York! We can’t wait to see you again for another night of surprises.

– By Liz Tillman

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