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When your great-grandfather is praised as one of the greatest artists of all time, it only makes sense that you follow in his footsteps, no? Florian Picasso has shown that talent is something that just so happens to run in the family with his recent release of “Vanguard” and his set at LAVO NYC on February 6th. We caught up with him to find out about his 2016 plans and the new music he has on the horizon. Read below!

EDM NYC: What makes performing in New York a unique experience compared to any other place in the world?

Florian Picasso: New York is great! This time I played at LAVO and we then ended up in a Korean karaoke afterparty and then a shady techno party in Brooklyn…

EDM NYC: After living in many different regions including Switzerland, France and Vietnam, do these different places and cultures provide any inspiration when creating music?

Florian Picasso: I get inspired anywhere anytime… The place doesn’t really matter, it’s more a matter of perspective.


EDM NYC: What would be the top 3 survival tips you would offer someone who has never been to Ibiza?

Florian Picasso: Drink a lot of water, don’t lose your friends in the crowd (especially at Amnesia) and never leave your drink unsupervised.

EDM NYC: You say that hip hop music played a role in introducing you to the music world- are there any hip hop artists now who you would want to collaborate with now?

Florian Picasso: Kanye and Jay-Z they often mention Picasso, just think about it, a song about Picasso with a real Picasso ahah!

EDM NYC: If your grandfather were to paint a portrait of you as a musical artist, what do you think it would look like?

Florian Picasso: It would definitely be an origami!

EDM NYC: Where does your inspiration come from when producing music?

Florian Picasso: This is a tricky one, it could actually be anything… just refer to the second question.

EDM NYC: Out of all your songs, which one would you call your “masterpiece?”

Florian Picasso: “Origami”

EDM NYC: You just released a new original track this month called “Vanguard” – can we expect an EP or album down the line to accompany this release?

Florian Picasso: An EP is in the making but for way later, this is an interesting process and will be more actual songs than club records.

– Interview by Liz Tillman

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