Which EDM Genre Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


AriesSignAries – Gabber

As the first fire sign of the zodiac, Aries truly acts like the metaphorical brushfire they are! Unparalleled in their spontaneity and competitive streak, Aries is also known for their notorious temper. Only a gritty and head-bang-inducing genre like Gabber can represent this Arien energy. Gabber can best be described as dubstep’s deviant cousin, and it mirrors the rage and animalistic darkness you can expect in an Aries if you piss them off!

TaurusSignTaurus – Jersey Club

Taurus has only one concern in life: comfort. Sleeping past noon, stress-eating all the Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge, and kicking it with the homies, are all activities at the top of every Taurus’s #SquadGoals list. The EDM genre which best represents Taurus is Jersey Club. Jersey Club is all about paying homage to the community that developed this genre (perfect for Taurus to share with the homies), and its signature dance styles are so catchy that they would make anyone feel comfortable enough to shake what they got on the dance floor.

GeminiSignGemini – Progressive House

Gemini knows how to strike up a conversation better than any other sign and can keep listeners engaged for hours. Much like Gemini, Progressive House is just as pleasant and lengthy as most conversations with Gemini folk. Although they’re great speakers, Gemini are too indecisive for their own good. By the time you start and finish a Progressive House track there is only a slight chance a Gemini has made a decision on something.

CancerSignCancer – Future Bass

Cancer, otherwise known as the proverbial “mommies” of the Zodiac, are all about caring for others. As a sign that stays in their feelings more frequently than Drake, the one EDM genre that characterizes their many emotions (regardless of how calm or volatile they may be), is Future Bass. The lighthearted happiness of Future Bass melodies paired with visceral bass undertones takes listeners on an auditory rollercoaster – much like a Cancer’s emotions!

LeoSignLeo – Big Room

Big attitudes, big emotions, and always trying to play the big boss, Leo’s are about being large and in charge. Like a headliner of a festival, Leo’s are in their element when all eyes are on them and they are the center of attention. The Big Room subgenre represents this attitude perfectly; where the most iconic EDM stars lead crowds of people to enjoy beats that make stadiums shake and fans scream.

VirgoSignVirgo – Drum & Bass

Precision and perfection are all qualities Virgo’s hold in high regard. In constant competition with themselves, they value routine and over-plan in order to evade any chance of error. Like the repetitive kick and snare of Drum & Bass music, Virgo’s are always willing to try and fail as much as they need to in order to reach their intended goal. You could even say that the intensity of the drum patterns mirrors their dedication!

LibraSignLibra – Trance

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Since Libra’s cherish serenity and balance in their environment, they are often guilty of playing a “people pleaser” at times. But which genre is equal parts amorous and crowd-pleasing like a Libra? Trance. The thematic positive and passionate nature of Trance music (and Trance fans) is the perfect archetype of the Libra soul. Want to know what a world run by Libras would look like? Go to ASOT.

ScorpioSignScorpio – Trap

I’ll make it simple: if you a Scorpio, you freaky as hell – on or off the dance floor. Known for their sexual prowess and propensity for the wild, the only genre that can get as naughty as a Scorpio is Trap. Whether you’re twerking at a Mad Decent Block Party, or are just looking to let your freak flag fly proudly, Trap music allows listeners to unapologetically express who they are, which is the true Scorpio credo.

SagittariusSignSagittarius – Jungle Terror

Ruled by the expanding planet, Jupiter, Sagittarius acts similarly in their motivations, where they are driven by opportunities of personal growth and success – regardless of whoever tries to get in their way. Acting as a “lone wolf” in their endeavors, they are often the explorers and adventure-seekers of the Zodiac. The only genre that can match this spirited level of adventure would be Jungle Terror. Both Sag’s and Jungle Terror have an affinity for being unpredictable; there’s never any knowing where they’re going to move next!

CapricornSignCapricorn – Hardstyle

If you want a job done right, ask a Capricorn. The “busy bees” of the Zodiac can’t stay still for one minute if they are not being productive. Their respect for order and form is much like the syncopation of shuffling feet to Hardstyle music. As “hard” as the beat comes in on a Hardstyle song is as hard as a Capricorn’s work ethic. Also keep in mind not to cross them, otherwise there is a fair chance they will attempt to shuffle on your face.

AquariusSignAquarius – Downtempo

Always rebellious and innovative, Aquarius makes their own rules, and are too bold for a common mold. The Downtempo genre is quite similar to this Aquarius archetype because each Downtempo artist always finds a unique way to make each song their own – whether that be with live instruments, obscure sampling, scratching or another snazzy production trick. Both Aquarians and Downtempo can never be underestimated.

PiscesSignPisces – Chillwave

Last, but certainly not least, Pisces is known for harboring the most creative energy out of all the signs. Acting as the resident “day dreamers” of the Zodiac, they are sensitive and often escape into their own minds to let their imagination play. The Chillwave genre perfectly represents this Pisces characteristic, since the genre as a whole could be a soundtrack to a dream.

– Liz Tillman for EDM NYC

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