Review – We Stepped Into 3lau’s Haus at Space Ibiza NY


12553068_602355186571947_8110153637145077750_nThis past weekend we took a trip to space, Space Ibiza that is! On Friday, February 5th, 3lau made his debut at Space Ibiza with a sold out show! With a line down the block and a packed out venue, 3lau had hundreds of people ready for the ride. Getting into the club was a bit complicated because every security person kept telling me that I had to wait on an hour long what dosage does cialis come in line, even though I was listed for press. With a bit how does cialis work of teamwork and some luck, I got in contact with the proper person and made it in with ease. will viagra show up on a drug test Thanks for what does cialis do your assistance Johnny! As the club began to fill up rather quickly everyone was anxious for 3lau to take the stage. As 1am hit and Justin finally appeared, the crowd exploded with excitement. He opened up what does cialis do with his usual intro of “You just stepped into 3lau’s Haus.”

From 1 am to 3am, Justin had the crowd in the palm of his hands. He was taking selfies left and right with the VIP guests as well as grabbing peoples phones from the crowd so they walked away with great photos themselves. He even Facetimed Audien during his set! Turned out Audien was eating some Cheerios in France. Haha!
The night was a blast or as Kevbot stated, it was mental! Overall, 3lau played a solid set and if you weren’t there you truly missed out. The next time 3lau is in town we Viagra vs cialis highly suggest that you see him perform live!
~Michelle for EDMNYC


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