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gibson_claptone_sabrina-feige-7Claptone, the anonymous artist that uses a golden mask to hide his identity, has carved out his own brand of soulful house over the past few years. Earning the respect of fans and piers alike, this mysterious beatmaker continues on his road to success.

Recently releasing his new album Charmer and going on tour, we had the opportunity to talk with the masked man himself. Opening up about his album, the tour and if the mask will ever come off.

EDMNYC: You’ve already kicked off your “Charmer” tour at the end of January. How is it going so far?

Calptone: It’s been a great start. All shows were packed with the nicest crowds ever. I am happy that girls are still going out to dance.

EDMNYC: How did you land on naming your album Charmer?

CLAPTONE: I chose Charmer for all it’s connotations. For one, it’s an album full of charming songs and I myself am a genuine gentleman. When you listen to the album a few times you can’t help but fall under it’s spell. It just gets to you and conquers your heart. In that sense, my role is that of a snake charmer where you, the listener, would be the snake. Don’t worry though, I mean well. It’s just a dance, a smile or a melancholic moment that I evoke within you.

EDMNYC: You did a bunch of collaborations on this album with so many different artists, from Nathan Nicholson of The Boxer Rebellion, Philadelphia’s Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Finnish musician Jimi Tenor. How was it working with these artists?

Claptone: It was like I dreamt it would be. You have to understand that when planning the album I had the idea of working with singers that I personally liked a lot. People whos vinyl albums I had at home, that made music which inspired me. Singers with charisma, vocalists who make a difference and are different to what you would usually hear on the radio. Also, I wanted to hear voices with character, whom you don’t hear on an every day house music record. Moreover, I did not want to write a bunch of radio songs and call it an album, nor did I want to produce an album which compiles club tracks and could at the same time just be released as EPs. It needed to be a classic album. A collection of works that relate to each other, that make sense in their order and something you can listen to in one go. Charmer was a dream coming true as all these artists really speak for me, raise their voice for me and the result exceeded what I had hoped for.

EDMNYC: Where did the name Claptone come from? Does it have any particular meaning?

Claptone: Clap your hands and listen to the tone that comes out. Beautiful things can be so easy to create. The sound of the clap moreover defines the sound of the clap. Claptone can be characterized as organic, funky and warm. It’s my attempt of being or rather becoming human thru sound.

EDMNYC: What’s the meaning behind the bird masked image?

Claptone: To create mystery.

EDMNYC: Do you think you will ever reveal the man behind the mask?

Claptone: I don’t think so.

It seems that the man behind the mask will continue to be a mystery, but his music will continue to captivate everyone’s hearts.

Claptone’s Charmer Tour makes a stop at Marquee on Friday, February 5th. If you have not yet purchased your tickets or want to see what this mysterious man is all about, click here for tickets.

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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