Review: Armin van Buuren’s Marquee NYC Debut


51EFEDC1-B948-3E94-D59ADD292F4C869EAfter three months away from the city that never sleeps, Armin van Buuren made his return – this time, to a much smaller scale show at Marquee NYC. Friday, January 29th exploited his talents in the small bottle-service oriented club in viagra cost the heart of Manhattan for the very first time.

On opening duties was resident Steve Powers, who brought a bold amount of energy to the dance floor early on. Hours before Armin was set to come on stage, the club was uncomfortably packed. People plowed their way through doors that went up to $100 for the show to witness this action-packed night.

Steve Powers spun tracks like remixes of Disclosure’s “Latch” and Adele’s “Hello,” while being guided by mesmerizing red lights. A new LED screen was the center of attention at Marquee — one things for certain, the production and sound system in that venue are something to rant about.

As the viagra online overnight room got heated up to a variety of heavy-hitting commercial electronic tracks, familiar faces to the trance family bopped around the crowd — Ward of W&W was spotted early on and was ready to jump in on the action.

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Around 1:30 AM, the trance King took to his thrown to an over-sold club of passionate fans and nightlife fanatics. He kicked things off with the incredibly beautiful, “Embrace” straight off of his new album. The live instrumentals and heavy hitting sounds from that record are enough to send chills up your spine. Especially while blaring through a Funktion-One sound system like Marquee’s.

The fierce sounds to follow would bring us into A State of Trance — the set hit many highlights of the new album ‘Embrace,’ which was released on October 29th of last year. A remix of “Heading Up High” and the beautiful vocals of “Strong Ones” had the crowd singing along and forgetting all about their worries.

The music was joy-prevoking, but the crowd was not. viagra online canada Luckily, Armin continued to plow through cialis and liver and helped us to forget it all. It’s very rare that Armin plays a club set in New York and so there was no forgetting his use of classic tracks like the Armin Van Buuren vs. Orjan Nilsen, AvB mashup of “In And Out Of Love” and the “We Come 1 2.0” AvB remix.

There’s no doubt in that old saying Armin always points out — trance is a feeling, it’s an emotion. Emotions ran wild cialis online sales on that dance floor for the first intimate set with Armin NYC has seen in years. Everyone sang along to the always beautiful “Hands To Heaven” and MaRLo’s “Hold It Together.”

The set was mostly compiled of originals and remixes of generic name for cialis his very own music, which left a lasting impression on everyone. Being shoved around and having drinks spilt on us through out the crowd was worth it in the end — it always seems to be when AvB comes to town.

Confetti spewed through the air, bright lights captivated the mind, and Armin tugged at our heart strings for a night the New York trance family won’t soon forget. Fingers crossed he will be back for more fun viagra and skin cancer soon with his Armin Only Embrace Tour – only time will tell.

By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC



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