5 Reasons Why Flash Factory Has The Potential To Win Back The Manhattan UnderGround



Opening weekend has come and gone, but Flash Factory has left a lasting impression on New York City nightlife. After just a short span of time being spent in the musical sanctuary, it’s clear to see where things are heading. EDMNYC picked out the top five reasons why Flash Factory has the potential to take things to the next level and step up as the next big thing here in Manhattan.

Step into the Flash for a magical environment that can’t be compared to anything else. This is just what underground in Manhattan has been looking for. Do you agree with what we’re throwing down?

Underground Production

Photo By Adam Simon

Photo By Adam Simon

After having the pleasure of stepping through the doors of a great new venue for opening night with Tiga, one of the first things that easily caught the eye was the production at hand. The spiraling laser-like lights and lit-up stained glass give it a tasteful, yet underground feel. Although it’s like stepping into church, you’re quickly reminded just where you are and the sinful beats that are being thrown your way. The fierce illuminating high beamed lights give off warehouse-like vibe in the sense that they bring a grungy darkness to the room. 

Breathtaking Wood & Glass Work


There are no other words to describe the venue other than beautiful. As soon as you walk in, your jaw drops to the beautiful illuminating stained glass pieces that are intricately placed to make your eyes wander. The smell of fresh wood instantly hits your nose and you’re forced to look up at gorgeous designs and carved wood that add a truly unique feel. Where else can you go to a club and not only feel welcomed, but intrigued by it’s beauty as well? 

Location, Location, Location


Nuzzled right in the heart of Chelsea, it seems that Flash Factory will take over as the top dog in Manhattan, especially as far as the underground goes. With Pacha closing and a lack of urgency towards bookings and the future with the other non-bottle service oriented clubs, Flash Factory has the opportunity to come in and show everyone who’s boss. Plus, they’re located conveniently next to FIT, which is a sure catch for college students. Let’s hope the underground in Manhattan has met it’s much-needed revival! 

Unique Concept

Photo By CV Photography

Photo By CV Photography

To many, music is our religion and Flash Factory hits on just that. You’re greeted by recycled materials from churches all around — an alter for the DJ booth, and for bottle service, and an old circus-canopy  make you feel like you’re dancing away with the techno Gods. It sends a bold message and also a very unique one. Many clubs are so bland in their branding and ideas, but this sets Flash Factory aside from your ordinary nightclub.

Raw, grimy, Underground Talent


This reason comes as an obvious indicator for dance music lovers of all walks of life. The talent that they’re bringing in is already setting the bar high for months to come. Artists such as Cirez D (who’s never played in NYC before under this title), The Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones, Dennis Ferrer, and many more will grace the decks within a few weeks of opening. What more could an underground music lover ask for?  

So, with all of that being said, the ball is in the court of Flash Factory now and it’s their choice whether they’ll continue to take NYC nightlife to the next level or if it will remain the static, over-saturated scene it currently is. The club might be the equivalence of Pacha, Output, and Verboten creating one big super-club — only the future will tell, but one things for sure, you can catch EDMNYC on the dance floor!

By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 



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