LZ7 talks anti-bullying, performances, and Speazie

LZ7 is a vivacious live dance / pop group hailing from the UK. They’ve coupled up with the creators of the app, Speazie, to create an efficient way to directly interact with their fans for their latest record “So Good”. The creators of Speazie produced music in college and found that emailing music back and forth for collaborations wasn’t the most efficient way. They created a platform to seamlessly collaborate with each other via the app, Speazie. LZ7 has uploaded their track “So Good” without lyrics, for fans to create their own personal lyrics. Their favorite 3 uploads will receive Amazon giftcards, a Skype session with the band, and​ signed ​limited edition ​merchandise. We chatted with LZ7 about the app, anti- bullying, and their live performances.

Describe your upbringing and how you got into performing.
I grew up in a town on the outskirts of London and I LOVED IT! I went to college in the city and ended up working in the centre of London for a few years too. That’s where my passion for music grew from dancing at Ministry of Sound in Vauxhall to accessing the smallest events in Camden to the best gigs and events from across the world! I loved it! I had a real good time growing up… Everything was fun to me – and still is – at school I was bullied pretty hard for the first few years so I knew what it felt like to take a beat down and be on the end of some harsh stuff but I never let it stop me. I had this inner drive that would tell me ‘there is more to life than this’ and there really was and is. My parents would take me to church on Sunday and I’d go along. In later years I worked out my faith for myself and this gave me a huge leg up in confidence and self esteem. I played loads of sports and that really helped too!

Why have you performed at High Schools and detention centers?This is one of things we love to do as a part of the music. I remember being in school and having some people come in and talk at school assemblies that really inspired me and helped me to make some life choices that affected my future. I guess our perspective is to use the music to influence people in a positive way, to bring them a smile, motivate them, inspire them that however tough life gets the secret is to just keep breathing. In a world where young people are under so much pressure to conform and perform or they miss the mark. We want the music to speak life so we kinda take workshops and assemblies on getting the best outta life. That may be anti-bullying, anti- suicide, and our passion to make some noise about human trafficking. We love seeing the face of the young people light up as we perform for them and we do it for free, so no cost to the school. It goes down really well.

Describe your live stage set up.So we have Me (Lindz) as the frontman and I sing and MC and kinda host the gig. We have St. Louis on an electronic rig set up that includes a machine sampler, drum pads, a synth and trigger pads that kick the live tracks. Lily Jo, a female vocalist, has an amazing voice that super compliments all we boys do. We have a live drummer and a live guitarist and every now and then a synth bass player that takes it to a whole new level. It’s a high octane energy show…

How did you meet St. Louis and Lily Jo?We’ve just been mates for years. St. Louis and I grew up playing basketball together from a young age and we met Lily Jo through friends when we moved to Manchester and have been tight ever since. Lily Jo is a singer/ songwriter that has been touring the pubs and clubs of the UK and it made a great addition to bring her on the road with LZ7.

What makes the group work?I think the fact that we are a bunch of friends right from our sound engineer through to the road manager. We are mates that loves what we do, love every aspect of our music from production to touring the live show and also all of us are majorly passionate about young people and that’s what really works. Lily Jo is a trained counselor that can help any young person with life issues too… It all really compliments each other…

How did you come up with the concept for the music video for”So Good”?All of us love to brainstorm ideas together… So, we sat in a pub and we threw a load of ideas down… asked a few of our director friends what they thought. They brought the lasers and the dancers and we brought the story and together it seemed to piece itself. I love the twist in the video where you think one lad is trying to steal the girl and actually he is delivering the ring… It’s a real good track with a feel good narrative in the video. That’s important to us guys too… Makes you feel good!

 How does it feel to hear your track being played on Sirius XM?

THAT’S INCREDIBLE!! Feels AMAZING!!! Never had this kind of opportunity and it’s just awesome to hear that people are enjoying the song as much as we are!! Thanks to all the team at Sirius for allowing us to be a part of their journey. Turn it up if it comes on!!

How have you liked the entries for your track on Speazie? Describe what you’re doing with the app.The Speazie guys are awesome. What a great concept for a competition to record your own version of So Good. I love what everyone has done. Some super original lyrics on them and some great concepts and ideas! Can’t wait to choose the winner!!  I’ve had a mate jump on it and that one is hilarious… Hoping we can do more with the Speazie guys with the next singles and album…

What’s next in the pipeline for LZ7?We’ve got a real exciting 2016 ahead of us and we are pumped about it. Can’t wait for the next few singles running up to the album release for the summer. We are playing Paradise Lost Festival in Jamaica with Tiesto and that’s gonna blow our minds to share a stage with a legend like that! We are working on a European tour for the fall and are performing all over the world in between. Thanks so much for the interview, really appreciate it…

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