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New Year’s Eve at the Brooklyn Hangar gave a new meaning to The Beatie Boys’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” courtesy of New York’s very own Julia Niko: the Russian deep house queen who kept the warehouse pulsating past 9:00AM! As much as common sense may have argued that over 12 hours of dancing may have been “exhausting,” the communal conscious of the room could not resist the urge to continue dancing the early hours of 2016 away to Niko’s incredible set. We caught up with Julia to learn about her musical background and plans for 2016. Read the interview below!

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EDM NYC: How would you describe going “one deeper” to someone who isn’t familiar with deep house?

Julia Niko: You know, I love deep house music. I can just tell it’s the most “smart.” For example the people who have perfect tastes, have a good education, who love just hanging out with beautiful people- they listen to deep house for sure. It’s quality music. I can’t just explain, it’s really quality music from the soul. When I produce my music and it’s deep house, it’s like a story of my life.

EDM NYC: Rumor has it you have an EP on the horizon for 2016. Can you tell us about that?

Julia Niko: I just met a very talented girl six months ago; her name is Harper. She sings and she DJ’s. She’s actually my favorite female DJ in this country right now. We’re going to do a lot of back to back to back sets. We spent like six months for two tracks, and we recorded the two tracks and we recorded one dubbed version. Erick Morillo was just like, “Hey girls! What are you doing?” and we showed him these, and he supported us and two tracks are going to be released on Subliminal Records. I’m sure one track, “High and Low” is going to be a really big hit for next year for All Day I Dream and Burning Man type parties. It’s really good deep house.

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EDM NYC: Aside from “High and Low,” are there any other songs you are excited to release from your EP?

Julia Niko: I’m excited about “High and Low,” but I have a lot of projects- I have like ten tracks to be released soon. But I actually am going to release maybe six to eight tracks that can be more commercial for the radio, because it’s very important for every DJ to make money, and then after that I can play just what I like. I like playing very dark deep house and underground music- that’s why I’m a Verboten resident!

EDM NYC: Can you tell us about your new label?

Julia Niko:  I’ve been in this industry for ten years. I’m not so old, but I already know and understand how it works. I am actually a DJ, but if someone asks if I am a DJ, I say that I am an artist. I want to just be in the industry and in entertainment. I want to even help other DJs. Actually the girl Harper I mentioned, she never played, but when we started playing together it helped. I want to always help people, artists, DJs, so my label is going to be good for me and for people. It’s called “Deep Season.”

EDM NYC: In your opinion, what’s different among the dance scenes from your home country, Russia, and New York?

Julia Niko: I can tell you there’s different crowds. In Russia, when you go to a club- if it’s a luxury club- you’ll see the same, tall beautiful people, but here in New York clubs you see tourists and all different people. But honestly I don’t know. I think across Russia and the United States things are pretty much the same. We’re all beautiful, we’re all successful- so nothing’s different! We should love each other!

EDM NYC: What song would you call your guilty pleasure?

Julia Niko: I would want to play this track, but I realized I can’t do it. I’ve loved it all my life: it’s “You’ve Got The Love” by Florence + The Machine. When I listen to this song it makes me so crazy.

EDM NYC: As you continue to accrue fame as a DJ, how do you want to be remembered?

Julia Niko: I’m always about being nice to people. When people come to my party I know they always say “She’s so good!” I want people to remember me for being a good person, you know? I love being around people!

EDM NYC: You’re playing a fairly late set at 8:00 this morning after New Year’s Eve, what is one drink or snack that helps you keep your energy up?

Julia Niko: I actually haven’t had alcohol in 4 years! I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke cigarettes, and I just love music so much. To be honest, when I go on stage I become a completely different person. For me, music and the dance floor are my drugs.

EDM NYC: While working alongside famous DJs, how do you keep your cool, and which ones inspire you?

Julia Niko: I try to go all out; it’s good for networking and it’s good for meeting other DJs. My favorite DJs are like Luciano or Andrea Oliva, so when I listen to these guys, I don’t know how, but they can always keep the crowd up. I could dance to Luciano’s set for like 8 hours. I want to be like those guys because they inspire me a lot.

EDM NYC: What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2016?

Julia Niko: I don’t know, I think this is my year. I’m going to blow up. I hope people are going to love me and bring me good energy. I love New York, New York is my favorite city. When you love New York, New York loves you back!


– Interview by Liz Tillman for EDM NYC



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