New Year’s Noir, Take Two — Apollonia’s Extended Verboten Set, Jan. 1


After the creatures of NYC nightlife partied on through New Year’s Eve and well into the morning of NYD, 2016 showed promise and comfort within the doors of Williamsburg’s favorite club, Verboten.

Photo Courtesy of Thump

Photo Courtesy of Thump

Lineups across New York were intimidating, extensive, and diverse. Many venues grabbed 24-hour liquor licensees to make sure the fun didn’t stop — Verboten was among them. After ringing in the New Year with an extended set from Hot Since 82, the club closed it’s doors for just a few hours and geared up for day two of their New Year’s Noir series.

Next on the platter for New Year’s Day was French trio, Apollonia. After their head-bopping Time Warp NY set, they returned for more fun — this time to bring many’s first performances of 2016.

Rumors flooded the industrial-themed club that the trio was exhausted from New Year’s Eve activities and might not play so long – local DJs were on deck as precaution, but everyone was WAY wrong. They weren’t going down without a fight. NY would get the extended set they were anticipating.

Around 4 PM, the French Maestros took to the decks to a fairly empty room. Brunch was going on in the Cabaret bar and people looked tired. It seemed like a very un-promising day — wrong again! By 5 PM, the Control Room began to get nice and busy. Zombies were crawling in to play — no rookies here.

The set was composed of a mix between vinyl and regular mixing. It took us on a journey like no other. It seemed like the most proper way to kick off 2016. Verboten was beautifully decorated with hanging stars, extra disco balls, and silver draped fabric. Between decor and the crowd, the vibe was 100% on point.

By 6 PM, the dance floor was packed and everyone was going in hard, as if they hadn’t partied for 12+ hours the night before — New York knows what’s up! It seemed as time went on, the morale kicked in and everyone grabbed their second wind. It was hard to stand still with constant groove.

Tracks like Pedro Mercado & Karada’s “Connected To Fly” and Ricky R’s “Underground Morality” paved the way to a journey of highs and lows. The thing with maestros of the game is that you just never know what’s coming next — especially when on vinyl.

As the night went on, everyone thought they’d be done by 9:30-10 PM, but they kept plowing through with no end in sight. They played well through the rest of the night until it was time for round three with Damian Lazarus. Highlights of the night included “Body to Body” by Norman Nodge and of course dance moves from Dyed Soundorom and the gang.

Their set brought soulful disco-era vibes at times, but brought us back to reality as well. Their constant energy and glow behind the decks bring a constant reminder about what dance music is really all about. They’re there for the love of great sound and energy — it’s a really beautiful thing.

By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 




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