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Thanksgiving Eve was a hopping time across the board for New York, but Verboten was by far the best place to be. With sounds from Jesse Calosso, FILSONIK, wAFF, and the Martinez Brothers, the dancing wouldn’t stop… until real late — or should we say early?

Verboten hosted a family and friends dinner that brought everyone together for Thanksgiving to kick things off, followed by an opening back to back from Jesse Calosso and FILSONIK. It seemed that most people were hopping back and forth between this party and Loco Dice at Output.

Doors opened at 10 and people weren’t missing WaFF’s New York debut for anything. The dance floor slowly started to pack and the crowd was excited to see what he’d be throwing down. His mastering of the delayed kick and start-stop sounds had everyone on edge — in the best way possible.

Tracks like Kevin Over’s “Deadjob” and Mr G’s “Flexible” set the perfect tone for The Martinez Brothers, while also leaving a solid impression on the New Yorkers who were hearing WaFF live for the very first time. After his set, WaFF stayed around, jammed out with the M Bros and took time to build relationships with some of his fans — only proper for Thanksgiving morning!

Around 1:30, the Bronx bad-boys hopped up on stage to play for an uncomfortably packed room. Even seeing these two play over a handful of times in the last few months, their sets bring a certain energy that makes you come back for more.

Hearing Brett Johnson’s “Breathe” over the Martin Audio system might have been the highlight of their entire set — TMB and that track go hand-in-hand, similarly to their very own track “Junk In The Trunk,” with Miss Kittin. They dropped two versions of the track and both hit off hard, as always.

At times it seemed that their sound was brought into the red, but maybe it was just the high anticipation of the next track they’d drop. The Martinez Brothers consistently bring high energy and a flow to their set and might be the only duo that ALWAYS DJ — not just mixing tracks, one into the other.

The look on both Steve and Chris’ faces are always full of determination – they’re going to make you dance! Would it really be a TMB set without a little cha-cha dance action from Steve and a glowing smile from Chris?

The crowd clapped and danced ferociously as tracks like Roman Fluegel’s “More & More & More” and Coyu and Edu Imbernon’s “El Baile” brought the signature high-energy sound that are essential to a solid Martinez Brothers set.

Smiles took over the entire room and a Boiler Room-like vibe flew throughout — a packed booth, hips shaking, and vibrant vibes took over Verboten… a room that seemed to me made for The Martinez Brothers.

Thought they’d play until just 4 AM? Think again — the crowd went hard until 6 AM and probably would have gone for hours longer if given the chance, but everyone knew it was time to leave once the bros started playing A Tribe Called Quest: their signature close, “Keep It Rollin’.”

The sun was rising, dancing feet were tired, and it was time to head home for some family-time on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Eve reminded us how thankful we are for the best venue in NYC, our crazy little dance floor family, and incredible music… especially from hometown heroes, The Martinez Brothers.

By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 


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