Flashback Friday: Webster Hall’s Girls & Boys Six Years Strong


In a city of 8 million people, it may seem daunting at times figuring out where you fit in, let alone finding people to go out with on a Friday night. Luckily for New Yorkers, the “Girls & Boys” party has made a reputation of giving all walks of 212-life a reason to take the lid off their “id” and immerse themselves in the world of electronic musical madness, all housed within Manhattan’s most legendary venue: Webster Hall. Serving as a zeitgeist-thermometer, Girls & Boys has remained a staple experience in the NYC nightlife catalog, and after six years of operation, it has evolved into something more than a promotional flyer or “reminder notification” on Facebook. It has cultivated a community of music lovers who religiously return to Webster’s Grand Ballroom week after week to reunite with old friends, make new ones, and create memories that will eternally in your heart, mind and Instagram.

A few of our EDM NYC contributors shared some personal memories as to why the Girls & Boys party has meant so much to them over the years. Did you happen to go to the same shows? See if some of your memories match ours:

As Told By Liz Tillman:

I’d like to take this moment to apologize to any friends or strangers who I’ve inadvertently whipped with my hair while dancing (nothing personal, just hairography). But when I go out, all I want to do is to put on my comfortable sneakers and sweat my life out on the floor. For this reason, there is no mystery why Girls & Boys has always been more than just a weekend destination for me. The energy of the room and the mutual love for the music shared by all attendees on the floor are both so intense that it’s visceral. Speaking for myself, I know I always leave the Grand Ballroom in the wee hours of Saturday mornings thinking, “Shit… This is where I belong.”

One particular night that sticks out in my memory was the Girls & Boys’ Gibbzmatik World Premiere on March 21, 2014. I came to Webster that night to interview both Gibbz and Gramatik for the radio show I used to host and produce, and this duo was not only hilarious but incredibly engaged in the interview. I was 20 at the time (and admittedly, somewhat starstruck), but during the interview both Gibbz and Gramatik were so friendly and open that it felt like I had known these guys for years. This attitude perfectly epitomizes what the Girls & Boys party is all about- no one is there to bring negative vibes or to act entitled. If you come to Girls & Boys at Webster, you immediately become family. I spent the rest of the night dancing on stage throughout their performance, and to date, I can’t think of another experience in my life that has made me feel so alive. Thank you Girls & Boys for giving me some of the best memories of my youth!


As Told by Michelle Fetky:

Getting in at 6am and waking up with your ears ringing are signs of a great night! This is usually a typical night at Girls & Boys at Webster Hall. Being like my second home, I have experienced multiple shows at Webster Hall. I have also had the opportunity I interview these talented artists as well. From the likes of Dannic to Tchami, Girls & Boys always know how to throw one hell of a party. One of my most memorable nights was when Cash Cash and Knife Party blew the roof off the place. Webster was so packed that you could feel the VIP floor bounce beneath you. I love Webster, especially those epic Friday nights. I can’t wait to continuing partying with Girls & Boys over the next few years!


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