BangOn!NYC’s Warehouse of Horrors – Halloween Done Right


01_BangOnNYC_WOH_103115_Selects_Photo_RazberryPhotographyThis past Halloween Weekend there was so much going on that is was hard to choose which party to attend, but after being at BangOn!NYC’s last event, Elements, I had an idea of which direction I was leaning. Don’t get me wrong, Skrillex is one of my favorites and it was hard to turn that down, but when I saw Sonny was playing at the Pier that finalized my decision.

Being the 4th year throwing Warehouse of Horrors, BangOn!NYC certainly lived up to giving you an experience. With tickets sold out and the party held at a warehouse in East Williamsburg, it was a night full of fun from the moment you walked through the door.13.5_BangOnNYC_WOH_103115_Selects_Photo_RazberryPhotographyOnce inside, you walked into a Coney Island-style extravaganza, featuring freaky performers, sword-swalloers, fire eaters, a woman walking on glass, a bouncy castle, games, popcorn, cotton-candy, and a flesh-suspension show! You also had the graveyard cuddle puddle, the vampire lounge where you could sit and watch halloween movies and even secret themed chambers to explore.15.5_BangOnNYC_WOH_103115_Selects_Photo_RazberryPhotographyIMG_750214_BangOnNYC_WOH_103115_Selects_Photo_KhadijaBhuiyanEven with all that at your finger tips there was still more! You could have popped into the after-death photobooth to take some creepy photos with your friends, browse the Tribal Market and observe the live visionary  shamanic UV 3D art Painting by Myztico Campo.

After venturing through all that, you came to the silent disco! An amazing place to doing your own thing.Just grab a pair of headphones and tune everyone out while you tune in! There were structures to climb on, dance on and sit in. you can be lost in the silent disco for hours. Switching between a green and a blue channel you had two different sets at the flick of a switch. 10-1 you had Speakbot vs. Wc Kids, 1-3 you had FDVM vs. Bentz and 3-5 you had Gage vs. The Magick Report. 10_BangOnNYC_WOH_103115_Selects_Photo_RazberryPhotographyUp stairs at the In The Devils Mouth Stages you had Australian DJ Hayden James, Louis The Child, Salva and more! At the Under The Hand Stage you had talent from Pumpkin to Juan Maclean. The tunes were truly magical and the stages were dressed for the occasion. Don’t know much about the artists I just listed, well neither did I! I went into BangOn! knowing that I would be getting a full experience, including discovering new artists I like!02_BangOnNYC_WOH_103115_Selects_Photo_KhadijaBhuiyanBangOn! certainly rocked our Halloween with an incredible night of sounds, visions, vibes and overall love & creativity. We are definitely pumped for the next event, but for now check out the photos from Warehouse of Horrors and some tunes that we enjoyed from the night. Until next time!

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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