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It seems that Josh Butler is still buzzing after his New York City debut at Verboten for the club’s weekly Zeitgeist party, but of course, pushing forward in all aspects of his career.

This young, UK-based DJ/Producer has established his name through stellar production, good vibes, and a soulful passion for his craft. Landing residencies all across the world and being closely acquainted with music super-spots such as Ibiza, England, and of course now the US, just prove his power and desire to progress in a growing industry.

You may be most familiar with his long list of EPs or his recent Rinse FM podcast, but he’s currently making splashes around the world, with no sign of stopping. After checking him out for a really exceptional night at Verboten, EDMNYC was lucky enough to sit down and talk about all things music with the very talented, Josh Butler. Check it out, below!

Exclusive EDMNYC Interview with Josh Butler 

EDMNYC: How did you get your start in music?

JB:I started very early on by listening to radio shows such as Pete Tong and Judge Jules on Radio 1.
They used to broadcast live from festivals over the summer. I was around 11 years old and hearing the combination of the music and crowd atmosphere just blew my mind. A couple of years later I was introduced into basic music production computer programs and I haven’t stopped since.

EDMNYC: You’re still fairly young and have established such a great name for yourself –
do you feel that your youth benefits or hurts you in any way musically?

JB: In my eyes it’s a blessing. There is always something new to learn and the rate technology moves these days is so exciting. I feel having time on my side can only be a positive.

EDMNYC: If you could collaborate with any one deceased artist (electronic or not) who would it be and why?

JB: King Tubby. He is the master of Dub Reggae music, which is what I spend a lot of my down time listening to and drawing influences from in my music. I would love to see how he worked in the studio.

EDMNYC: You just came to New York for the first time, tell us a little bit about your night at Verboten.

JB: Argh I loveeeedddd Verboten. I’d heard nothing but great reviews of that club and it did not disappoint!

EDMNYC: What’s a secret to your sound that you think sets you apart from other producers aiming at the same goal?

EDMNYC: I’m not sure there is a secret. It’s a combination of being open minded to other music, being influenced by things outside of music, and sticking to what you love. Not jumping on the latest trends — learn the craft.

EDMNYC: Do you have any hidden talents besides music that your fans might be interested in learning about?

JB: Music eventually took over every other hobby I had.

EDMNYC: In a world where everyone says they can produce “house music” what do you think the key ingredient is to keeping it fresh?

JB: Originality…Anybody can go and download a sample CD and combine a bunch of premade loops together, but that isn’t making music. Being creative, thoughtful, and passionate about originality is the key…in my opinion.

EDMNYC: Are you cooking anything up that you can share with your fans?

JB: I have just this week finished a remix for my good friends at Lost records. Also before the end of this year (2015) I have my debut solo EP on Material Records.

EDMNYC: For someone isn’t familiar with your music – how would you describe your sound in three words or less?

JB: Underground House music.

EDMNYC: Any other comments?

JB: I can’t wait to come back to NYC and play some more music 🙂 Until then peace!

Interview By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 


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