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Another stacked weekend in NYC, but all roads lead to Space Ibiza NY’s one year anniversary party with two of the most innovative in the game — Jamie Jones and Joseph Capriati.


The line wrapped far beyond the door and fans were a bit antsy. The opener, Nathan Barato, brought a less than exciting sound and although the track selection was on point, we were expecting a harder vibe to kick the night off — he played until around 2 AM.

When these two masterminds play alone, it seems like no one can compete, so a special extended B2B set was highly anticipated. Although there isn’t much negative to say about the set, there was a little bit of disappointment.

The two have such distinct sounds that tend to capture everyone’s attention initially. Jamie Jones typically throws out a sophisticated, yet lighter sound to the table, while Capriati is definitely the “heavy hitter” of the two, bringing a darker end of the spectrum.

Upon entering, the dance floor was jam-packed. For our first time at Space, we were overwhelmed by the gorgeous array of disco balls that flooded the sky. It’s a massive room too. Quite simple to navigate, but tedious to explore. Production was pretty awesome too — it truly stuck by that “Space Ibiza” feel that everyone’s been familiarized with.

Space was tight, but the music played on. Around 2, Capriati dropped the first track and the hype was real. The overall consensus was completely split. Some adored the set, others weren’t impressed. The only disappointing thing for us, was that it seemed neither of their personal spin was thrown into it. Sure, the set was decent overall, but these two have power to do so much with their sound — why did they stop at ordinary?

The delayed kick kings had everyone on their feet, bouncing around, and enjoying their Saturday with classic tracks like “Renegade Master” and Archie Hamilton’s “Mind Blank.” The set ranged from hard hitting tracks, to the more groovy and melodic side of things, as expected. It also went until the wee hours of the morning — way past all of our bedtimes. We walked out of the dark club to sunlight, exhaustion, and achy bodies.

The two brought their flavorful back-to-back to us, but if you missed it, they’re both luckily back very soon. You can catch Jones at the Party Monster Halloween event and then again at Time Warp US in November — Capriati will be taking over that massive night of techno as well. Never fear, the party always comes back!

By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 


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