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Mad Decent: two words in the EDM community that mean two things, “trap” and “twerk.” For this reason, the Mad Decent Block Party After Party is one of the most sought after events in all of Manhattan, combining forces of block party attendees with the average club-goer who just wants an excuse to shake what they got. On Saturday, August 8th, the after party came to Webster Hall with King Diplo leading fellow all-stars: Party Favor, Gent & Jawns and Dirty South Joe.

diplo signPhotography by Webster Hall

At the strike of 11:00PM, a stampede of millennials trampled up Webster’s stairs to the Grand Ballroom to get to the front of the stage first. Dirty South Joe was the first all-star on deck where he set the traptastic tone of the night by playing classic crowd pleasers like Chedda Da Connect’s “Flicka Da Wrist,” Yeezus’s “All Day” and Rich Homie Quan’s “Flex.” It wasn’t even midnight, yet the floor was pulsating from the vibrations of dancing feet.

 diplo crowdPhotography by Webster Hall

After Dirty South Joe, Gent & Jawns rolled up to the decks (with Long Jawns in a Michael Bolton T-shirt of all things, if that gives you any insight into the “DGAF” vibe Gent & Jawns is all about). His set included tracks which made you feel like a gangster straight outta Compton, including Moody Good’s remix of “Burial,” Boaz Van De Beatz’s “Partymad” and Gent & Jawns’ own “Kings.”

As he interacted with the crowd throughout the set, by the end of the night you felt as if Jawns was another homie from the block. Paying homage to pop culture, Jawns creatively mixed in Meek Mill’s “House Party” and Drake’s infamous diss track about Meek, “Back to Back.” Instantaneously everyone began reciting each bar from memory, making this after party feel like a 6-God-appreciation gathering for a split moment. Toward the end of his set, Jawns grabbed a bottle and announced to the crowd, “I’m taking a shot for you!” and proceeded to chug straight from the bottle. Needless to say this catalyzed an even stronger “DGAF” attitude from the crowd with attendees rushing to the bar to take a shot with the trap master on stage.

diplo gentPhotography by Webster Hall

Known as the newest Mad Decent gem, Party Favor played next, with such fantastic stage presence that it made me wonder whether he should move his set from the Webster stage to the Broadway stage. Opening his set with his newest hit, “Booty Loose,” every lady in the audience couldn’t resist the song’s bouncy rhythm and had to loosen their own booties all over the dance floor. As a matter of fact, for RAW, a new EDM project geared towards featuring DJs in their most fun and “organic” states of being, Party Favor showed us how he keeps his booty loose with a “pop lock and drop it” lesson. Watch the hilarity below:

During the remainder of his set, PF was seen mouthing every word to every song he played, including “Fight Night” by Migos, Skrillex’s remix of “Bad Man” and “One Puff” by Bad Royale. While maintaining a diverse and entertaining set, he was also not above playing some throwbacks, including “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan and the Apashe bootleg remix of the Backstreet Boys’ classic, “Everybody.” What impresses me the most about DJs like Party Favor is his ability to recognize that a great DJ set may not always be about playing the most underground tracks that surprise even the biggest hipster; sometimes a great set is just about keeping the audience energized with feel-good tracks or throwbacks that embody the party atmosphere.

diplo party favorPhotography by Webster Hall

Once 2:00AM hit, it was time. With great anticipation, the audience anxiously awaited Diplo’s grand arrival to the stage, thus causing a slew of people to push towards the front so they could be as close as humanly possible to the artist who has revolutionized the trap genre. With the upmost confidence, Diplo jumped on the table holding the decks and began fist pumping, provoking the crowd to unleash their inner trap lord. With the most eclectic set I’ve ever seen from Diplo, he opened with trap anthems like Flosstradamus’s “Soundclash” and Carnage’s “Bricks,” then moved to Jack U fan-favorites like “Febreeze” and “Take U There.” Then, in an unexpected twist, he mixed in songs like Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and “Lean Back” by Fat Joe. Nothing short of interesting from Diplo!

In a more predictable fashion, Diplo invited girls from the audience to come on stage for a twerk-off, and without hesitation, girls from every direction were battling their way onto the stage for a chance to say they got to be a “Diplo-dancer.” For memorabilia purposes, some girls tried taking selfies on stage, prompting Diplo to say, “If you’re taking a selfie, security just take her away… You’re boring!” Although some girls did get the boot from the stage, hell, even I would like to say Diplo kicked me off stage versus never being able to be that close to Diplo at all. Clearly, there is never a less-than-decent moment from the Mad Decent after party.

diplo girlsPhotography by Webster Hall

Stay weird fellow ragers! Looking forward to next year’s extravaganza of trap and twerking madness!

– Liz Tillman for EDM NYC



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