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Words by: Jamie Pelletier

Those who went out to Slake NYC this past Saturday that appreciate dope, head-bobbin’ beats mixed with an R&B feel would not hesitate to say that the Moving Castle Virtual Summer show was hands down one for the books. With performances by AObeats, ROBOKID, Hunt for the Breeze, Yung Wall Street, Slakes own resident DJ Alex English, and surprise guest sets by Moving Castles own Jai Wolf and Manila Killa, the NYC stop on the tour is one to be remembered.

If you haven’t already heard about Moving Castle – they are a collective group of producers focusing primarily on future bass. What separates Moving Castle from other collective groups is they have support from Skrillex and the rest of the OWSLA family. I was lucky enough to sit down with AObeats and Manila Killa to discuss how their first tour is going and see what future plans they have for Moving Castle. 

AObeats and Manila Killa explained that the formation of Moving Castle sprouted when ROBOKID hit up AObeats with a proposition for a collective. After agreeing with ROBOKID, AObeats started a small chain of additions into their collective. He linked up with Manila Killa who ended up bringing Hunt for the Breeze along for the ride, creating the start of Moving Castle. Since the onset, Moving Castle has come a long way. As AObeats told me,

“This tour has been wild. We started as friends helping each other out with some music online. We would only see numbers of likes and followers on Soundcloud. It’s cool to see people come out to show us love and see those numbers translate into people.”

The night started off with Yung Wall Street taking over the decks. As soon as I walked in, I had a permanent smile plastered across my face until I fell asleep that night. My heart was warm with sincere happiness after hearing Yung Wall Street’s brilliant mixes of some of today’s popular, yet amazing R&B songs with exhilarating electro beats. Yung Wall Street really had the crowd going after dropping ‘Try Me” (Nick Catchdubs Jersey Gardens Mix). I quickly had to add that to my ‘must download’ list of songs that I can’t forget to download in the future! “Studio” – Schoolboy Q (Vices & Yung Wall Street Remix) prevented anyone in the crowd from doing anything besides swaying back and forth while nodding to the chill beat.

Hunt for the Breeze captivated the crowd between the wide range of funky mixes and edits. Drakes “The Language” (Hunt for the Breeze Edit) was easily one of his bests of the night. Most of his set consisted of chill, breezy beats with some deep bass beats scattered skillfully throughout. My love for Hunt for the Breeze was validated once “It Won’t Stop” (Manila Killa & Hunt for the Breeze) started playing. Slight hints of jersey club beats found in most of his songs are not only ingenious, but give the groovy, chill vibes a little more energy.

My inner love for good R&B/Pop songs were fully satisfied from the second ROBOKID stepped behind stage. I think it’s safe to say “Trap Queen” is a crowd favorite, regardless of the intended genre specific for the show. Needless to say, as soon as ROBOKID x Ba-kuura remix hit the crowd’s ears, everyone went insane (myself included). Being such a sucker for dope remixes, I couldn’t help but feel completely in my element as he played his remixes to “XXXOO”, “No Type”, “U&I”, and “Summertime Saddness”.  ROBOKID’s performance was just as awesome as the remix to “I’m So Awesome” that was played towards the beginning of his set. I had to find myself a spot in the direct path of the fan by the end of his set and beginning of AObeats so I could continue dancing without dying of a heat stroke on the crowded dance floor at Slake. 

ROBOKID left the crowd thirsty for some more soothing, deep, and future electro beats. Thankfully, AObeats seamlessly took over and instantly captivated the audiences attention. He started off with the bass boosted M.A.A.D City remix, making everyone go crazy. AObeats’ set was diverse in the best way – comparable to a variety bag of candy with only the best kinds left inside. Every throwback he played appeared to be a shared crowd favorite. Of course we were blessed with his latest remix of ZZ Ward’s “LOVE 3X” which sounds even more remarkable blasting from Slake’s sound system. It’s no surprise to me that the people in the crowd during a past show of the Virtual Summer tour jumped past security just to be on stage with him and other Moving Castle DJs, as he was telling me when I was talking to him about the tour. I guess when the music is that admirable; it’s hard to keep yourself away from it and the person behind it!

‘DJ ease my mind, will you? Play that song again because we were in love’ (with the music that is). Those lyrics perfectly describe my thoughts as I heard special guest Jai Wolf’s “Ease My Mind” remix. Both special guests Manila Killa and Jai Wolf blew me away. It was hard to catch my breath after hearing Manila Killa drop my current favorite song “Do You” by Troyboi. Jai Wolf had the entire crowd bobbin’ up and down with one hand in the air under Slake’s flashy disco ball upon dropping the Flume edit of Rustie’s “Slasherr”.  To make that moment even more cool, employees were walking around handing out ice pops. What better way to cool off in a crowd? Between the both of them, the end of the show approached way too quickly. I can stay and vibe to Manila Killa, Jai Wolf, or any of the incredible producers from Moving Castle all day and night long. Ending the night with an intricately beautiful mix between “Turn Down For What” and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” left my ears beyond delighted.

After Moving Castle’s Virtual Summer show at Slake, I cannot wait to see another show as soon as I can. The songs collectively produced between everyone under Moving Castle are too good for words. The tour still has a few more stops in America and one in Canada before their first tour is completed. Follow Moving Castle on Soundcloud to stay updated on new tracks (soon to come!) and see the progress as they attempt to turn a collective group into a record label. Big moves are being made, and there’s nothing slowing them down.


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