Interview: Skrux Talks Everything From Melodic Dubstep to Man Buns!


Webster Hall’s “BASSment Saturdays” is known for its ability to take the lid off the proverbial “id” in each party-goer, cultivating an irresistible frenzy on the floor of ravers who crave the heaviest bass wobbles imaginable. However, on Saturday, July 18th, Skrux gave the traditional BASSment a makeover, showing ravers that dubstep and bass music can be just as melodic and beautiful as it can be rage-worthy.

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For his second time, this 20-year-old talent blew away Webster’s Studio Stage with emotional drops paired with chest-shaking bass that left ravers unsure if they were supposed to rage or break into interpretive dance… either way, everyone got crazy on the dance floor (and not in a Black Swan” way). As most Skrux fans know, Seven Lions and Adventure Club are major influences in this up-and-comer’s production style; true to form, he kicked off his set by incorporating fan-favorites like Seven Lions’ “December,” “Fevers” and “Cosmic Love” remix, as well as Adventure Club’s “Gold (Candyland & REVOKE Remix).”

BASSment creatures were immediately hyped; some of the more wild girls couldn’t resist hopping on stage to dance away their inhibitions. Just as calm and chill as the dubstep beats pulsating through the speakers, Skrux dominated the decks and blended each song flawlessly into the next. Mid-way through his set he transitioned into some of his more original production work, including songs like “Infinite” and his “Escape” remix.

And what better way to end his set than by playing more recent originals like “You & Me” and “My Love Is A Weapon,” striking an emotional chord in every person on the floor.

Skrux, otherwise known as Kaylan C. Brown, was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about everything from his musical career to his opinion on man buns. Read below and see why he is just as loveable as a person as he is a musical talent!

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EDM NYC: You started your professional career as a producer at a relatively young age, and you’ve only grown in talent and popularity over the years. With that kind of busy lifestyle, do you ever have to sacrifice simple pleasures of being a regular 20 year old?

Skrux: Well, you know it’s not as busy as people may think. I’ll do one show during the weekend, then I got the entire week at home doing absolutely nothing. So I spend that time either being a “normal kid,” like playing video games or whatever, or producing music, which I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

EDM NYC: In that case I have to ask, what’s your favorite video game?

Skrux: Grand Theft Auto!

EDM NYC: Good answer! One of the production qualities you pride yourself on is your ability to intertwine emotion and heart-felt melodies into dubstep. If one of your songs could be the soundtrack to a RomCom or drama, which movie would it be and why?

Skrux: I have no idea! What is that, “Two Night Stand” movie? That was a funny ass movie!

EDM NYC:  Although you are partial to working with Complexion, is there a vocalist who you haven’t worked with whom you would like to?

Skrux: Tove Lo!

EDM NYC:  With the dawn of the “turn down for what” trap lord era of pop music, some think dubstep’s mainstream popularity is waning compared to its hype in 2010. What do you think?

Skrux: Kind of. Dubstep’s not as popular as it used to be, which is why I kind of broke off and did the stuff I’m doing now, which is more like “chill”… I don’t want to say “trap” because it’s really not trap… Just less of the dubstep kicks, like the “boom, boom!” and more of the calm, collected beautifulness.

EDM NYC: Now for a random question! What do you think of the “man bun” look that is so popular right now?

Skrux: Everyone I see with it I want to cut it off so badly! Most of the time I’m jealous because I don’t have one haha, but no haha.

EDM NYC: You’ve communicated time and time again that you’re a producer, not a DJ. What do you do to make your live sets exciting for fans?

Skrux: I’m not really sure. It’s just … I don’t want to be a dick and say I’m doing this for the money because that’s kind of a dickish thing to say… At first I was doing that, because I hated DJing, like I was the most introverted person ever. Like I couldn’t even talk in front of a class! But now, the more I’m getting comfortable with it, the more I’m starting to actually enjoy it, so I’m perfectly fine with people calling me a DJ- it’s perfectly fine!

EDM NYC: Where does the inspiration for your Skrux “wolf symbol” come from?

Skrux: Well when you think of Skrux, I personally think of “horcrux,” when you think of horcrux, you think of Harry Potter. Happy Potter… Griffindor… That’s how it came about.

TAzfJx-HSkrux Symbol

EDM NYC:  A lot of people compare you to Seven Lions, but what would you say makes you different from him or other melodic dubstep producers?

Skrux: Well, Seven Lions’ stuff is extremely glittchy, you know? I try to keep it simple. If you listen to my melodies, they’re very simplistic. They’re not overly complicated, so they’re easy to listen to.

EDM NYC:  You’re from Texas, which is known for their great southern food, but while on tour what have been some of your favorite places to get a good BBQ?

Skrux: I was actually in Portland, Oregon a few weeks ago, and the guy who was driving around took me to this BBQ place- it was sooo good! I had some steak-ribs kind of thingy, it was so good!

EDM NYC: For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little bit about the Hegemon Collective?

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Skrux: As you may know, it’s run by the people who do EDM Network. I’ve always been really close with the EDM Network, and then one day I got an email saying “Hey! We’re starting this collective!” At the time I had no idea of what a collective was. Then after weeks and weeks of talking about it, I understood the idea of it. Now it’s just… I consider it like a record label without all the stupidness, like the licensing, the contracts… it’s very laid back. And the people in Hegemon are really cool friends. They’re really cool guys and they all make amazing music.

EDM NYC: Any other last words for your fans?

Skrux: You guys are beautiful, beautiful creatures, and I love all of you!


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And after getting to know an artist as talented and humble as Skrux, it is completely evident why his fans have so much love for him in return!

– Liz Tillman for EDM NYC



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