Coming Soon!!! Came, Saw, & Conquered Cielo

Photo By Juan Rios Photography For Esscala

Photo By Juan Rios Photography For Esscala

It was a night of history, a night of hard hitting psy-trance, and a night of success for Coming soon!!!, Esscala, and Cielo.

Friday, July 3 brought one of the very limited psy trance nights Cielo has ever seen as a club. The sound is unique and definitely acquired, but its fans swarm together and bring something special.

The night seemed as if it would be relatively slow, but the Esscala team was quickly surprised. Up until the very end of the night, people appeared at the door eagerly trying to get in. The line never once stopped!

Photo By Juan Rios Photography For Esscala

Photo By Juan Rios Photography For Esscala

This was Coming Soon!!!’s New York City debut and it was anything but a disappointment. The NYC trance family gathered around as a handful of people from all over the world also flew in for the event. That’s one thing about the trance scene in NYC — it brings together such a passionate group of people.

The set they brought to Cielo was the longest set the duo has ever played. They typically go on for about an hour, but they managed to play for just about two. The energy they brought to the room couldn’t be stopped.


Photo By Juan Rios Photography For Esscala

The two Israeli’s took to the decks and opened up the night with their very special “Coming Soon” intro that was enough to bring everyone in the room the chills. From the first track, everyone seemed to be thriving. The energy was truly unreal.

It’s rare to see two DJs as into it as they were. The genuine smiles on their faces read passion and brought an energy to Cielo that we’ve never witnessed before. Everyone seemed to be dancing a little harder than usual. The “stank” face from some real good music was cast across the intimate room.


It was absolute bliss. Their own tracks like “MAD” and “BadA$$ Disco” hit off hard on Cielo’s Funktion-One sound system. They dropped a bunch of really dope psy edits of tracks like “Personal Jesus” and “Become One.”

The energy in the room didn’t die off once during their two hour set. They brought other sounds like Vini Vici’s “The Tribe” and even dropped a little snippet of sound that seemed to be on the Dubstep/Trap end of the spectrum.

Esscala is constantly bringing NYC hot new talent. They definitely take a few risks on acts like Coming Soon!!!, who just recently found their fame from Armin’s ASOT Festival, but that’s what makes their parties so unique. They are there to give everyone a go and test the waters.

It was an honor for us to cover Coming Soon!!!’s first night in NYC and we hope to have them back again very, very soon. Those guys really know how to party!

Photo By Juan Rios Photography For Esscala

Photo By Juan Rios Photography For Esscala

By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 


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