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L.A. based Dj/ producer SNBRN brought his unique, deep and sexy sound to Webster Hall Saturday, May 30th. During his NYC debut set he played his latest track featuring Estonian singer Kerli titled “Raindrops” and the entire crowd was grooving when he dropped Oliver’s “Light Years Away”. That track never ceases to make every body in the room radiate with energy.

SNRBN had his hands held high clapping to the rhythm as the energy in the room escalated and he seemed to be having a blast on stage perfecting his Dj jump. Half way through his set an aerialist emerged from the ceiling stealing many attendees’ eyes away from the stage but their bodies and ears were still tuned into the music.

Next he took us to filthy, trap land with Flosstradamus’ “Tell Me” and then he threw it back to the 90s with tracks such as Notorious B. I. G.’s “Hypnotize” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dog.  Everyone was loosing their minds and we didn’t want the night to end.

After his dynamic set, we had the opportunity to chat with SNBRN- check out what he had to say!


When did you start creating music?

I first started making music in 2008, but didn’t get serious until about 2010.

How was your experience at Icon Collective? 

Icon Collective was an amazing tool that really helped me get to the next level. Had one hell of a time there and can recommend it to anyone trying to get serious with music.

Which artist/ artists have been your biggest inspiration? 
Jamie Jones, Blonde, Nora En Pure, and Dusky to name a few.
Where does the name ‘SNBRN’ come from? 
I was making disco tracks a few summers ago and pretty sure I had a sunburn and who likes vowels anyway.
What’s your real name…?
My name is Kevin.
If you could perform at any venue in the world, where would it be and why?
The Coliseum in Rome, Italy. It doesn’t get anymore epic than that.
Your remix with Klatch of Ace of Base’s “All She Wants” is awesome. What made you want to remix the 90s classic? 
Klatch and I are completely obsessed with 90’s music, *laughs*. We were trying to find a 90’s track to remix for a while. One day when we driving to get food it came on and we rushed home and got to work.
Your track featuring Kaleena Zanders “California” has such a melodic feel to it. How do you like the Chris Lake & Matroda remix of the record? 
I absolutely love what they did!! My version is definitely a daytime track, they made it club accessible.
Estonian songstress Kerli has sung vocals on tracks with Benny Benassi, Seven Lions, and.. you! How was working with Kerli on your latest track, “Raindrops”? Did you write the lyrics together? 
It was such an awesome experience working with Kerli. We hung out for a while, got to know each other and told our stories. We went back in the studio and jammed for a few hours and came up with the concept. We then went to our own studios and worked from there. She wrote and produced the vocals at her place and I composed the track at mine.
What can we expect from you in the future? 
Lots of original material and touring!
Thanks for chatting with EDMNYC, SNBRN!
Catch him this weekend at Splash House in Palm Springs, California! 
-Ashley Zucker for EDMNYC

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