DAYBREAKER NYC Week Begins June 8th!


New Yorkers (and all tristate commuters) are known for having to get up at the most ungodly hours of the morning to catch that train, order that venti-sized coffee and make it to the office all before the big boss rolls through the doors. Since us city-folk are already getting up early, why not make a pit stop along the way?

daybreak crowd interSara Wass for DAYBREAKER

Thanks to DAYBREAKER, New Yorkers have the option to be a part of a communal dance party in some of New York’s most renowned venues, all before the crack of dawn!

This feel-good initiative was the brain-baby of two Williamsburg friends who sought to cultivate a movement built on a mutual love for self-expression, wellness and above all: music! The party comes complete with yoga, fresh juice, mascots and live music. DAYBREAKER prides itself on the fact that it does not vend alcohol or condone drug usage during their parties in an effort to create a positive and wholesome environment, so all attendees go to work afterwards feeling a natural high.

daybreak crowd water Sara Wass for DAYBREAKER

Take a look at the trailer below and find out why it’s worth being out the door so early, because this is one party unlike any other.

Make your schlep to work in the morning more entertaining! DAYBREAKER week in NYC kicks off Monday, June 8th! Below are the following dates and locations, so find which is closest to your job and get ready to greet the boss with a smile on your face and sweat down your back! Click HERE for ticket information.

DAYBREAKER NYC: Dates & Locations

Monday, June 8: Monarch Rooftop Lounge (71 W 35th St)

Tuesday, June 9: Gilded Lily (408 W 15th St)

Wednesday, June 10: Highline Ballroom (431 W 16th St)

Thursday, June 11: Cielo (18 Little W 12th St)

Friday, June 12: Secret Location

– Liz Tillman for EDM NYC


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