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Boat Party 

By Michelle Fetky for EDMNYC

Sunday Funday is another chance to extend your weekend festivities just a little longer before hanging up your party pants.  This day typically starts out with mimosas or bloody marys.  It then typically continues through out the day until you find yourself wasted by about 6:30ish.  Since the “Funday” ends early enough, you can rest assured that you will go to bed aka pass out early enough to be perfectly refreshed for work on Monday morning.

On this particular Sunday Funday something different happened.  Instead of passing out early, you ate some food, re-energized, and headed over to Pacha for take two!  The trance fans were greeted by a yacht at Pier 83 and the magical tunes of Ilan Bluestone and Cosmic Gate were heard through out the Hudson River for a few hours.

Arriving a bit after 5, with my heart pounding thinking the boat had already left, it was set at ease when we saw the long line of people still waiting to board the boat.  As the line slowly progressed and we arrived closer to the boat, the anticipation was great!  The boat began to fill up quickly and around, it departed from the dock.

Ilan Bluestone was on the decks as the boat departed with the crowd roaring and the boat rocking.  Above & Beyond Feat. Zoe Johnston “You Got To Believe,”  was playing in the background as the picture perfect skyline diminished in the background.  “Once Lydian” by Andrew Bayer braced the speakers as we made our way along the Hudson.  A major highlight from Ilan was when he dropped his latest single “43.”  “43” has been sitting pretty on top of the Beatport trance chart for weeks, and really got the crowd going.

The skyline was an image like no other.  It was truly picture perfect.  As we passed the Statue of Liberty around 6:30pm, Cosmic Gate had “Sticky Fingers” blaring through the speakers. The crowds responsiveness was overwhelming as they all  sang along note for note.

Some other tunes Cosmic Gate played as the Yacht proceeded down the Hudson were:

“Black Room Boy” (Club Mix) by Above & Beyond

“Generate” by Eric Prydz

“Humdrum” by Avenue Sunlight

“Fair Game” by Comsic Gate & Orjan Nilsen

“I Need You Now” (Eight – Seven Mix) by Giangi Cappai

“Yai” (Here We Go Again) by Cosmic Gate & JES

As the boat began to pull into the port the crowd chanted “Cosmic Gate!” It was obvious that the day didn’t want to end, but everyone was lucky enough to be able party again with them at Pacha.

It was a fabulous Sunday Funday, and as everyone departed the boat, friend groups reassembled and headed off to grab some food and get a second-wind for Cosmic Gate’s set at Pacha.

Pacha NYC After Party — Round II

By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC  

After a day spent on the water, the NYC crowd was ready for round two.  It was a Sunday night, so turnout was up in the air, but the true fans came out to play and they definitely didn’t leave disappointed.

Doors opened at 8 p.m., where the trance family was greeted by an opening set by NYC local, Adam Scott. He’s opened main floors all around and is well-noted for opening sets linking him to some of the biggest trance names in the game right now.  Tracks like Spada’s remix of “Faded” brought energy and liveliness to everyone with the Sunday night blues.

As it seemed some people were down for the count for round two, Adam Scott kept the beats flowing until around 10 p.m., when the party was moved into the intimate confines of Pachita.  Upon making our way upstairs, Ilan Bluestone was rip roaring and ready to go.

It was Anjuna heaven up there.  Pachita provides the perfect space for a show like this — it’s much smaller and confined, which brings a sense of unity and community to the room.  It seemed like so early on, everyone was already losing themselves to the music.  His track list was impeccable and Bluestone even dropped a new original for his fans!

For a Sunday crowd, it was pretty impressive.  Bluestone had everyone up on their feet and passionately dancing.  At the end of his set, he came down to greet his fans, take pictures, and “dance to Cosmic Gate.”  His personality shone through as he took the time to acknowledge each and every fan that braved a Sunday night out in Manhattan for him.

Ilan Bluestone Partial Track List: 

Above & Beyond – “You Got To Go”
Andrew Bayer – Super Human
Ilan Bluestone – “43”
Above & Beyond – “Sticky Fingers”

Ilan Bluestone – “Spheres”

Ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma-Ae – “Under My Skin”

Above & Beyond – “We’re All We Need” (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

Ilan Bluestone – “Tesseract”
Above & Beyond – “Satellite” (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
Porter Robinson – “Lionhearted” (Arty Remix)

After two great sets, the NYC trance family was more than ready for round two with Cosmic Gate.  Somewhere around 11:30, the two stepped up and went into action.  It was a really special night for everyone — when will you get to see two of trance’s greatest acts in a tight Pachita?  It was like you could spot the sweat dripping off of their faces and their passion pouring into their music.

As always, Nic and Bossi were absolutely glowing with happiness.  The two of them really just click behind the decks.  They hopped right into action with a set that swept across the board and had the crowd grooving.  It was repeatedly a noted comment that the energy was so alive for a Sunday night.  They had everyone dancing with them and really into the music.

Cosmic Gate played a handful of classics, new tracks, and everything in between.  They host a sound in dance music that will truly never get old.  Their connection amongst themselves and with the crowd is one that can’t go unnoticed.  They read the crowd, interact with the crowd, and almost make you giggle from their personalities.  There is no doubt New York City has an undying love for Cosmic Gate.

Cosmic Gate Partial Track List 

Swedish House Mafia – We Come, We Rave, We Love
Cosmic Gate – Telefunken
Cosmic Gate – Going Home
Cosmic Gate – Wake Your Mind
Cosmic Gate – Be Your Sound
Cosmic Gate – Run Away



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