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11203092_910108239028076_1299473807538493492_nAs Verboten continues to be the place to be on Thursday nights for their Zeitgeist parties, they brought something to spice up the game. What better combination of great entertainment than artwork and music?

To kick off Thursday, May 7 Verboten hosted Vinyl Pop artist Greg Frederick to exhibit some of his work.  The pieces on display mark his biggest to date and exhibited an array of various historical figures like Michael Jackson, Biggie, Marilyn Monroe, and many others.

The exhibit was laid out around the Cabaret bar, where admission was free and there was a one hour sponsored bar.  People came to check out the exhibits and set the tone for the night with some light music being spun in the background.

A lot of the artwork was up for sale and some was purchased by the end of the night.  The awesome pieces created of original vinyls are still being displayed, but only for a limited time.  The artwork element truly set the tone for a night of vinyl sets in the Control Room.

As the hours passed, the party moved on over, but the vinyl didn’t stop!  Due to some health complications for Shadow Child, Jacques Renault stepped in last minute to fill his place for the evening.

Heating up the night was Paul Raffaele, who brought a groovy vibe to the main room.  He spun some vinyl that brought a true disco feel at a very low BPM.  At times, the set brought a tropical sound that had the room grooving to the beat — it was the calm before the storm. JM’s “What You Did” (part of his track selection) describes the set to perfection.

Holy Ghost! was on next — they hopped on around 12:30 for an all-vinyl set that seemed quite flawless.  Vinyl is never an easy task, but their precision was on point and their set brought things up another notch.  It kind of helped keep with the theme of the evening. The production for their set consisted of an interesting wavy background that caught the eye and really went with the music.

Funky tracks like Bufi & La Royale’s “Watch Out” and The Juan Maclean with My Love’s “Get Down” were played very early on in the set, but set the tone for the rest of what they’d be throwing at us.  Jacques Renault filled up that extra time slot and didn’t hold back! He closed the night properly and had the crowd swaying until the lights came on around 4.

Thursdays are just one thing Verboten does with grace, but they are now adding a weekly Wednesday party in the mix for added mid-week pleasure! Head to their website now to check out some upcoming dates across the board!



By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 



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