Esscala presents: Cycles 200 with Max Graham, Tim Penner, Solid Stone, + Alex Di Stefano


Max Graham’s celebrated radio show, Cycles, seemingly mixes techno, trance, and progressive house into an unforgettable blend of euphoria. We had the pleasure of experiencing Cycles Live at Santos Party House hosted by Esscala.

Hailing from Canada, our first performer of Cycles 200 was Tim Penner. His ability to blend techno, trance, and house genres certainly is impressive. He started off the night with deep tech house track “Towers” produced by Ominous. He also played Mind Against & Locked Groove’s eerie techno record “Elysium” and everyone was grooving to Adwer’s “This Is My Kingdom”. 

“I’ve been waiting to play my remix of Max’s “Redemption” and it’s an honor to play it at an event he invited me to.” -Tim Penner 

Penner traded off to Solid Stone with Oscar L and Jean Pierre’s sexy track titled “Pippen Song” and Solid Stone then transitioned to Michael A’s “Slow”. A special moment in the night is when he played his remix of fellow Cycles 200 mate Tim Penner’s “Forgive Me” featuring Amber Long. What a track! Then the crowd obeyed the music and lost themselves to LowKey & Kardinal’s “Loose Yourself”.

“It’s always an honor when Max invites you to play for one of his Cycles events and this time was no different. It was amazing, the crowd responded well to every track and I couldn’t of asked for a better turn out.” -Solid Stone 

Alex Di Stefano took over the decks and started out with “Talk About Drums” produced by Shelley and the same artists’ remix of “Chicago Loop” originally by Stereo Vice. The intensity was taken to the next level when he dropped his mash up vs.  Balthazar & JackRock’s track titled “Steamroller”.

“I feel really proud to have been apart of this event, ‘Cycles200’. I’m extremely grateful to Max Graham, the man himself, and Esscala for bringing me here.  Thanks guys! *muah* -Alex Di Stefano

The host of the night Max Graham played a thrilling closing set. He commenced with Andre Bratten’s tech, house track “Trommer Og Bass” and everyone was moving to Tuxedo & Monojoke’s “Nerve”. Graham took us deeper with Skober’s remix of Subjects’ “Future Hero” and another track from Skober titled “Back To Life” featuring trippy vocals and groovy dance beats. When the show was over the audience was left chanting “10 more songs, 10 more songs!”

Cycles 200 live was such an amazing celebration of the path that cycles is on and I’m over the moon with its success. It was such an honor to host Alex, Tim and Elias as well as all the amazing supporters that came out. I’m really happy with the progression of the night that felt so effortless thanks to such talented individuals and an open-minded crowd. Topping 200 with 250 is going to be a tough task. A huge thanks to everyone involved and here’s to more in the future.” -Max Graham





Feature photo by Juan Rios Photography for Esscala

Check out more photos from the night here!

-Ashley Zucker for EDMNYC 


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