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11060270_931995050178682_8861805965865424564_nIt started off as a launch party, but turned into something so much more. For what might have been the first time in MMW history, BEATGASM and the Clevelander Hotel provided the dance music community with a free escape from the madness that was South Beach — just kidding! They brought even more madness!


Set in the perfect location, BEATGASM hosted their official launch party to the masses during WMC 2015. The application is much more than just a party though — streaming music from all across the world, breaking down genres, and giving up-and-coming artists a chance are just a few of the things the company does on a daily basis.

The BEATGASM team incorporates their passion and knowledge for music along with a stern mind of helping the future of the EDM community. Their true colors were flaunted in Miami this year at their unique party that took place over four days, Thursday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m.

IMG_0282The team busted ass all week to make sure that everyone on South Beach could party the right way. Did we mention the event was completely free as well!? Everyone was granted access to the party with a download of their application, which is available for IPhone and Android devices.

The Clevelander was the perfect place for a party like this. They hosted two stages — one on ground level that was a little bit larger and flashier. That’s where the real groove went down at night! The other stage was upon the rooftop, which overlooked the water. It was the perfect getaway from reality and into the music world. Everything BEATGASM provided seemed to be a breath of fresh air.


The smiles on everyone working were reassuring of their passion for the cause. Whether it be bartenders, security, artists, or of course guests, everyone seemed to be completely satisfied with everything. Huge names like Duke Dumont, Afrojack, and Porter Robinson (just to name a few), were on the lineup that ranged over the four days.

BEATGASM presented the music community with the perfect escape from the generic party based off of bottle service and fancy attire. It was a comfortable, intimate atmosphere with a ton of helpful and smiling faces around — it was impossible to feel uncomfortable.


This is just the beginning for BEATGASM, though. As a newly launched application and website, they look to expand their horizons, grow off of feedback from their fans, and in turn, throw more wild parties like this one! If you haven’t already done so, grab the application now! If you have, be sure to stay up to date with everything they’re doing! Who knows, maybe the team will be coming to your hometown in the near future!

In the midst of all the madness, the mastermind behind BEATGASM, Jeff Rimmer, took some time out of his day to chat with us about everything! Check it out:

EDMNYC: Would you say the weekend was a success overall?

JR: Absolutely! We were very pleased with the event and outcome of the turnout. The artists were all on point. Great launch event, couldn’t have asked for better.

EDMNYC: Did you get any feedback on the App? Good/Bad?

JR: Honestly, so far everything has been super up beat and positive. People are really digging the local stations, the energy levels and the DJ-curated stations. I’m sure negative feedback is in our future – can’t please everyone 🙂

EDMNYC: What would you say was the highlight of your weekend?

JR: Walking down the street and seeing everyone wearing BEATGASM shirts. It was great actually getting to watch, first hand, our brand spreading across South Beach.

EDMNYC: Your party was one that was being talked about all over South Beach… How does that make you feel?

JR: Proud. Our team did a great job pulling everything together. Our Programming Director, Erik Velez, was the one orchestrating it all and I was really proud of the work he did.

EDMNYC: If you could go back and change something about the weekend, what would it be and why?

JR: Setting aside time for me and our staff to really stop down and go watch some of the artists. Everything was so fast-paced that really none of our staff got to enjoy actually experiencing the music.

EDMNYC: What were some of your goals heading into the weekend and would you say they were accomplished?

JR: Our main goal was to get our brand out there. This is why we kept the event free and went all out with our lineup. I do think we did a great job with branding our name and really making a statement in South Beach, Miami Music Week, and the industry as a whole.

EDMNYC: What’s the plan now? Next steps for BEATGASM?

JR: Keep expanding and perfecting our platform. The core of our product is the music player via app and web. The experiential side (live events) is an additive and bonus. We want to keep taking user feedback and incorporating that into our new iterations. Specifically, our music discovery element is very important to us and we will grow this exponentially. We want to really assist in growing and developing new artists.

EDMNYC: Do you have any comments to leave with the new BEATGASM fans?

JR: Welcome! This is only the beginning and we have some exciting new features coming soon. Enjoy what we have to offer for now and please let us know what you would like to see. Fans and artists truly shape what BEATGASM looks and sounds like.



By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 

Photos By Constantine Poselski Of Poselski Brothers Photography 




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