Review: Louisahhh!!! Got Dark At Slake NYC 2.28.15


Louisahhh!!! Brought A Night Of Proper Techno To NYC

louisahhhBromance Records’ first lady, Louisahhh!!!, returned home to New York City after nearly three months and blew the minds of all her fans — again. This time, She hit the Stage at Slake for their weekly party, Technoir.

To say she keeps you on your toes is an understatement. From the first song she drops to the very last note she plays, each of her sets are crisp, unique, and unpredictable. There are not many things better in this industry than a three hour set from Louisahhh!!!.

Her radiant energy brings complete joy to the crowd. Her smile and personality just bring a certain oomph to the room — she brings life, even before she’s in her zone. Once she gets going, the drive in her eye is undeniable.

Louisahhh!!! just seems to feel the beat deep within her soul, which is enough to get an entire room moving from start to finish and that’s exactly what Slake and her NYC fans did. The room was made up of a very versatile crowd including a bunny, a dinosaur, and a small unit of fans she met at Holy Ship a few weeks ago.

The track list that Louisahhh!!! throws down is so unique each and every single time. When you think you know a track, she plays a new remix that has your mind blown. Some tracks that truly stood out in the set included a stellar remix of “The New Workout Plan,” and her original, “Night Clubbing.”

A sure highlight of the night was hearing “Friction,” (a track from her newly released EP) live for the first time. The crowd got rowdy — it was such a proper reaction to another great release from an absolute genius. It’s possible Louisahhh!!! is one of the deep-dark-funky techno world’s best kept secrets.

Around 3:45, she looked down at her watch with a frown — the night was almost over, but it felt like Louisahhh!!! got deeper and funkier in the minutes to follow. New York City wouldn’t stop for anything — not even her last track.

After an inevitable “one more song” chant, she went on to drop a classic favorite turned into a rad robotic-like remix of “Let The Beat Control Your Body.” Louisahhh!!! released that track about two years ago now and it still can blow the roof off of any room.

Between her swagger, passion up on stage, and of course her killer outfits, there is just something about Louisahhh!!! that will have your jaw dropped down and your heart wanting more. This weekend marked the end of her North American tour — until next time, techno goddess. Come back to your NYC roots again, soon!


By Cristiana Votta For EDMNYC 





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