Regoton & Loreno Mayer’s “Motionless” Out On Cr2 Records NOW


“Motionless” out now on Cr2’s WMC Compilation


Canadian upcoming DJ/Producer Regoton is at it again — this time alongside Croatian producer, Loreno Mayer. The two’s latest release, “Motionless,” is out NOW on Cr2 Records’ WMC Compilation.
Cr2 Records is known for branding some of the biggest players in the game today so it comes as no surprise that this new collaborated track will sweep you off your feet and leave you “Motionless.”
Sunday’s release marks Regoton’s second with Cr2. Both releases go off into super melodic territory that seem to take you on a quick journey and back. The song is rather uplifting and comforting, giving it versatility and an undeniable edge.
“Motionless” is one of 83 tracks of the compilation which is assembled of artists like Pierce Fulton, Hot Since 82, Kill Frenzy, and others. Be sure to grab your copy now & be on the lookout for big things to come in 2015 from these two!


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