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Impossible, incredible, mind-blowing, unbelievable, and life-changing are some of the words guests used to describe The Groove Cruise 2015. A four day, floating dance music extravaganza aboard the Norwegian Pearl with over 40 of the best DJs in the business. The ship set sail out of the port of Miami and stopped by paradise aka Great Stirrup Cay Island in the Bahamas on day two.

1974388_10104815834391159_7845598231896803221_o Photo Credit: Poselski Brothers Photography

Cato K gave us a warm welcoming as over 3,000 beautiful people poured onto the ship; mostly dressed in costumes representing all different countries from Italy to Australia, California to New York- everyone came together to dance.

In 2010 Miami DJ Louis Dee joined forces with Chicago based nightclub percussionist Bam Bam Buddha and Drums Of The Sun was born. They gave us a sweet taste of what was to come at the pre-party at The Clevelander Hotel in Miami. On the first day aboard the ship the duo yet again delivered an amazing, high energy set on the pool deck as we sailed away from Miami. What a surreal moment that was as confetti rained down on us as we embarked on our journey into the Atlantic.

10974675_424730431012015_4804466588699874324_oPhoto Credit: El Jefe B Photography 

Dean Mason won the Dj contest in 2012 and has been spinning on the Groove Cruise ever since. Fans illustrated their support for Mason by wearing his ‘Officially Addicted’ merchandise as they grooved to his multiple, upbeat sets on the ship. His passion for the music that he broadcasts clearly shows during his performances.

10923782_10152568760762026_6118991317331903384_o Photo Credit: Veranmiky

One of the amazing aspects of The Groove Cruise is that when the DJs aren’t playing, they’re hanging out with you on the ship. Scotty Boy was always out and about spending time with fans and is really down to earth. His sets were remarkably entertaining and I look forward to seeing him spin again in the future.

One of the two female artists to perform on the ship, Sydney Blu, tore up the Atrium with her dance moves and tech-house beats. Hailing from Canada, this lady knows how to put on an exhilarating set. Be sure to check out her radio show on Sound Cloud: Blu Radio.

1L6A1871Photo Credit: Poselski Brothers Photography

As the sun set, Oliver Heldens brought an insane amount of energy to the pool deck. Two guys in the crowd were dressed as a gecko and as pikachu symbolizing Heldens well known tracks. His ‘future house’ sound is meant to get you dancing, and that’s exactly what everyone was doing.

1L6A1573-2Photo Credit: Poselski Brothers Photography

Erick Morillo’s four hour set the first night truly set high expectations for what the rest of the cruise was going to bring us. Multiple, giant LED robots dancing on stage complimented the crowd very well as everyone was dressed to impress coinciding with the nights theme, shine the f*ck up.

1956981_10104815834441059_6839247138842997469_oPhoto Credit: Poselski Brothers Photography

New World Punx were incredible as they blessed us with their set on our own private island, Great Stirrup Cay. Everyone was dancing with their feet in the sand and the perfect amount of sun rays on their backs. The water was a flawless shade of sea foam blue and life couldn’t have been much sweeter. Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten spread so much love on the beach a couple got engaged, now that’s a proposal even I would say yes to!


1L6A2560Photo Credit: Poselski Brothers Photography

Darude followed with a super energetic set and when he dropped his classic track “Sandstorm” I swear I was back in my parents basement playing DDR. I pinched myself and I was onstage, facing the crowd and god did you all look beautiful. Darude asked the audience to chant, “We Are Groove Cruise” as he live recorded and sampled the phrase into his set. We headed back on the boat for more Atlantic Ocean swaying, as the boat tended to do this often, and got ready for the upcoming night.

10960357_10152563593712026_5662239494682796543_oPhoto Credit: Blaise Joseph Photography

Sidney Samson brought us back with heavenly old school hip- hop in Bliss lounge. He dropped throwback records from 50 Cent to Biggie, and we all got down. This guy seriously knows what he’s doing on the decks. Expect some exhilarating new music coming from Samson in the near future.

10860996_10104815834406129_5507577104806051914_oPhoto Credit: Poselski Brothers Photography

Bynon followed directly after, dropping Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and everyone went off as Samson jumped off the stage to dance with us. I took a much needed break to get some fresh air on the side balcony, as I looked over the edge of the ship the stars twinkled and the moonlight radiated onto the water. A special moment away from the madness to remember how incredibly grateful I was to be on that ship. We truly are the lucky ones.

Cocodrills describe their sets as consisting of “funky grooves, positive vibes and rampant debauchery.” I was a witness and can testify that Pridef and Adam Cruz brought nothing less during Incorrect After Hours bright and early on the pool deck.


1L6A2873Photo Credit: Poselski Brothers Photography

Feenixpawl delivered non- stop progressive house in the Atrium venue. The duo played records such as their latest single, “Destination.” These two Aussies really know how to generate some real good vibes. Dj Jason Forte was also having a blast on stage filming his brother and the crowd going wild. Their track “In My Mind” defined 2012 for me, it was #1 on the dance charts and was played at least once at every festival that summer. Pure nostalgia took over as the melody flooded the Atrium.

1658466_10152575174847026_5863735541937928755_oPhoto Credit: Veranmiky

Thomas Gold blew our minds as blow up pool toys were bombarding everyone as we celebrated the last day dancing on the pool deck. I didn’t realize how much enjoyment people got out of throwing around giant crocodiles, whales, and every animal under the sun.

10547888_10104815834670599_7738060847516516579_oPhoto Credit: Poselski Brothers Photography

Arty exploded the Theatre venue as giant LED robots and girls in scandalous costumes delivering explicit dance moves captivated our attention. Everyone was singing along to his breathtaking remix of Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted”. As I left the Theatre, my ears led me to the casino where this year’s first place Groove Cruise Dj contest winner Keith Christopher aka Man Pretty was spinning. I have to admit I was getting a bit tired at this point but suddenly my vitality had returned and I was grooving with Christopher’s fans all rocking #ManPretty fitted hats.

1399392_10152577668347026_5058121284129451920_oPhoto Credit: Veranmiky

Lastly, I ended up in the hot tub on the Penthouse floor. Not a bad way to end my Groove Cruise adventure!

Groove Cruise was a magical experience. Not only was the music incredible but the people were so unbelievably friendly and genuine. Everyone had the same mentality: to escape everyday life and dance under the sun with new friends and old. Groove Cruise should be a mandatory right of passage for everyone.

I don’t even mind my notifications blowing up by the Facebook group, “Groove Cruise Miami 2015 Attendees Only,” in which everyone posts photos, videos, and blurbs about memories of DJ sets, the incredible people they met, and how badly they want to go back. Keep them coming, I want to relive those moments forever.

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Tickets for Groove Cruise LA are on sale now! Visit their website to make your reservation.

– Ashley Zucker for EDMNYC


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