Fehrplay Kicks Off 2015 In NYC


Fehrplay’s first NYC gig of 2015 @ Marquee

By: Cristiana Votta


With another big music weekend in New York City, the true progressive fans came out to play at Marquee for the first Friday of the new year. Fehrplay, with support from DJ Endo stole the night to an overpacked club.

DJ Endo prepared the crowd for the journey they’d be taken on with Fehrplay. Fehrplay, the Norway native, celebrated his first weekend as a New York City resident. 2014 marked a strong year for him, as he branched away from his Pryda roots and took on roles in other places. Possibly one his most noted accomplishments were his releases with the always growing, Mau5trap.

Over the last year or so, the New York crowd has truly become accustomed to his sound and outgoing personality. With his career on the rise, he is always true to himself and his fans and shows them how important they really are to him.

Setting him aside from a lot of DJs is his vast knowledge of music — you’ll never hear the same set twice from him. Marquee was an absolute mob scene for most of the night, but the Fehrplay fans were ready and into it. Hearing unexpected tracks like “Different Circles,” kept everyone on their feet and ready for what was about to be thrown at them.

As the night went on, Fehrplay went deeper and played some of his own tracks like crowd favorites, “Pyara,” and “Everywhere You Go.” As the night went on, the uncomfortably packed room began to open up a little, leaving the true Ferhaplay fans right up until his last few tracks of the night like Jeremy Olander’s “Let Me feel,” somewhere around 4:30.

Fehrplay was noted not only for a unique and unforgettable set, but his energy and his tendencies behind the deck. Between making his big move to the big apple and all the music that takes over his life, Fehrplay took some time to sit down and chat with us about what’s going on with him. Check out the interview here:

EDMNYC: In your mind, what was your biggest accomplishment in 2014?

FEHRPLAY: Hm tricky one. I’m damn proud of having just moved to New York. I love this city, and I’ve been wanting to move here for so long. Playing Output here a few months ago was also amazing. The club is such a legendary place. Other than that, it was a huge thing for me to sign music to Mau5trap.

EDMNYC: What are some of your long & short term goals for 2015?

FEHRPLAY: Spend more time in the studio and also being more sufficient. The last 6 months have been a challenge trying to get enough time in the studio, since its been in boxes and on its way to New York since July.

EDMNYC: What do you think is the most important factor in “branding” yourself as an artist?

FEHRPLAY: Maybe to not “over do” it. Don’t over-sell your name. It gets tiring and I think the music should do the talking. Also, find something clever, and stick with it.

EDMNYC: Do you have any new music we can expect? If so tell us a little about it!

FEHRPLAY: Yes, new 2 track EP on the new sub label of Toolroom, called “Zerothree,” a new remix of an UK artist called Indiana coming late January, and a new single on Mau5trap, as well as Ultra. I’ve got something is in the making for Anjuna as well.

EDMNYC: Where is your favorite place to play and why?

FEHRPLAY: New York and San Francisco in the U.S., because the crowd is very educated, and fun to play for. Outside of the U.S., I really enjoy playing in India —I’ve been there a few times now, and I am going back pretty soon. People are so into the music there, and love to party. Also, Tokyo is amazing.

EDMNYC: If you had to describe your sound in one or two words, what would they be and why?

FEHRPLAY: Progressive, because I strive to keep my music within the genre in which I relate to, real progressive house music. Also, emotional — I think club music needs to evoke emotions. Some of the best dance music is the one that makes you feel like you’ve never felt before.

EDMNYC: Who has been your biggest inspiration in the studio?

FEHPLAY: Eric Prydz and Maceo Plex. I’m also Digging Sam Paganini’s sound.

EDMNYC: What is your favorite production so far, and why?

FEHRPLAY: I think maybe Incognito, because it’s a bit weird, and I like that. Also the breakdown is very emotional for me.

EDMNYC: What are your feelings on the electronic music scene as a whole right now and where do you think it will go in 2015?

FEHRPLAY:I think there are some very interesting debates going on in regards to the electronic music scene, and its good to see that it’s being discussed on an open platform. There has obviously been a explosion of the EDM culture, which has both good sides and bad sides. I think that it in general, it’s great that more people are now getting in to the genre, but at the same time it’s sad to see that the generic over-saturated sound is still being awarded.

EDMNYC: Now that you’re living in New York, what do you most look forward to?

FEHRPLAY: I’m looking forward to being inspired by living here. There’s nothing better for inspiration than new places and environments. Also I can’t wait to go to Katz’s deli all the time!

EDMNYC: Is there anything you want to leave your fans with?

FEHRPLAY: I appreciate all the love you have been giving me over the years, and I can’ t wait to give you more music in 2015. Peace!


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