Review: Another Rabbit Hole Night Featuring Max Graham ‘Open to Close’ at Cielo


Friday night with Max Graham brought six hours of joy, passion, and love into a sold out Cielo. Fans from all across the country flew in to spend this intimate journey into a techno and trance whirlwind.

A line formulated outside of the club around 9:30 and the dance floor was packed an hour later. This special night hosted by Esscala, was sold out online prior to the start and a very limited amount of tickets were available at the door.

The journey started early, with delightful techno that everyone could vibe to. Max Graham was to be thanked for bringing the NYC electronic music family all together under one roof for the last time in 2014.

Friends and fans of Max and Esscala traveled great distances for this memorable night — ranging from Texas to California, the pressure was on for Max to host something special.

Max got to share an array of his own personal tracks ranging from old releases to his latest project, Cycles 6, which comes out on January 16th. He brought together deep techno, progressive, and even a little trance — emotions ran wild.

1526885_393793234079282_4036899233902547036_nFan favorites like Max’s edit of Solid Stone’s “Not Enough,” had everyone passionately singing along. The vibes in the tightly packed Cielo were undeniable —Nothing but love and desire for the music and the artist New York City has grown so much appreciation for.

Max Graham’s unique proficiency and desire for open-to-close sets is always captivating and take the crowd on a journey. Other notable tracks that really grabbed the crowd included Alan Fitzpatrick’s upbeat, “Organic” and “Gravity” coming from Anjuna Beats’, Parker & Hanson.

Right up until closing time around 4, Max had the crowd in a complete state of awe. It seemed as though in the blink of an eye, the six-hour set was over. New York’s special love for Max was evident and the city will always welcome him with open arms.

10882243_393789787412960_5054927617775239785_nHis passion on the decks are fire in his eye gives him a certain presence in the room. The connection between Max Graham and his fans create a special feeling amongst everyone, which adds depth and a sense of memorability to the night.

If you enjoyed what you heard this Friday and want to hear more, be sure to pre-order your copy of “Cycles 6,” which is being released on Armada in 2015!

By: Cristiana Votta of EDMNYC


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