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Bromance Records’ Homieland Tour @ Verboten, BK

By: Cristiana Votta

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Saying that the Bromance Records’ Homieland tour at Verboten, BK was absolutely perfect, is an understatement. It’s a night that is nearly impossible to put into words.

Thursday, Dec. 11th was unique to say the least. Verboten had two rooms of music flowing over their elite sound system from the minute the doors opened at 10 until close around 4 a.m.. Unlike a “typical” night, the lineups were thrown around and set times consisted of seven different acts.

As a Verboten first-timer, the sound system and production absolutely blew anything else in New York out of the water. A large disco ball hung from the center of the main room and cast beautiful shadows and light throughout.

The night started off slow until around midnight when the crowd packed up and was ready for a night of crazy music. The Homieland tour brought exactly what New York needed, a unique sound. Too often we are tied into this stagnant general sounding music that has become the electronic world — this night brought a different side of things.

When the doors opened, everything was a bit lax. Back-to-backs were occurring and Guillaume, part of the team’s management got to hop on the decks and experiment a bit.

Around 11, Brodinski played a “secret” set at the Cabaret Bar (smaller side room), while New York’s very own Louisahhh!!! Hopped on the main stage. The schedule ran quite smoothly to follow with approximately hour-long sets. The Cabaret Bar was then host to Sam Tiba, Louisahhh!!!’s second set, a b2b Myd and Para One set and Guillaume to close out the night.

The main room began heating up around midnight when Myd and Para One brought their B2B to New York. They were followed by Gener8ion, Brodinski’s second set with a surprise visit from SD, and the closing set from Sam Tiba.

Both of Louisahhh!!!’s sets were a treat — it was nice to see the New York native doing what she does best. Her precision was unreal and vibe she gave off made it hard to walk away. She dropped fun remixes and tracks like “Warm Leatherette” and Jaymes Thorp’s “What You Calling Me?” Her sound tends to give off an 80’s-type vibe, which the crowd adored. When someone with as much talent as her resides in New York, it makes things extra special. Her passion and personality shine through while she’s playing.

Myd, alongside Para One, were a force to be reckoned with on Thursday night. The two of them present such a lax presence and make it seem simple. They’re calm and collected, but read the crowd perfectly. Their main stage set marked the main room truly jumping into action. They dropped tracks like their very own collaboration “Brooklyn,” which was appropriate on so many levels. Jimmy Edgar’s “Fabriclive 79” stuck out through the night as well as a unique remix of “Black Widow.”

Gener8ion is Bromance’s newest project, and really spiced up the night. This set was when production really kicked off the best in Verboten’s intimate main room. Gener8ion dropped the Cid Rim remix of “Recover” and the crowd instantly dove into a euphoric funk. This new “phenomenon” performed with a mask, which gave off Gaia-like feels. The entire set had the crowd guessing what would be next.

Sam Tiba proved that if done properly, virtually any genre of music can be incorporated into a set. His presence behind the booth was unbelievable. He’s an absolute performer and played two of the most exceptional and proper sets of 2014. He started off “light” with tracks like an instrumental version of Missy Elliott’s throwback, “Lose Control” and then took things back to his more electronic roots. His personality and showmanship truly made each set.

The man of the night, Brodinski, took to his thrown and graced Brooklyn with two unforgettable sets. His first set kept things on the techno side of things and when he hit the main room, he dropped absolute filth. His set started off lighter dropping tracks like Jimmy Edgar’s “Burn” and Cajmere’s “Acid House.” He slipped deeper with a crazy edit of Gesaffelstein’s “Control Movement” and then jumped right into the hip-hop end of the spectrum with tracks like Migo’s “Hit Em” and ended his set with the night’s special guest, SD, spitting fire.

Brooklyn wasn’t ready for the music they were exposed to — a few days later and minds still aren’t wrapped around the night. The Homieland tour is unique in that it brings together artists from all different backgrounds, styles, and sounds and brings them close to several major cities.

The Bromance Records team has always had a strength that is hard to come by these days — each of its artists are great DJs and downright rad producers. It will be interesting what 2015 holds in store for each of them! Not to mention, Verboten’s lineup for the rest of the year is impressive and not to be missed.


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