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Oscar G’s Birthday Celebration @ Love

By: Cristiana Votta

unnamedAfter another long week, Love Nightclub opens its doors to another house icon, Oscar G. The 305 house king’s birthday celebration continues, as he plans to bring some proper dance music to Long Island.

Each week, Love is host to the best names in the electronic music world, Oscar G being no exception. Warming up the room for him is Long Island local, Jay R. Jay R has opened at established venues such as Patio in Freeport, Long Island and Pacha NYC. He’s played alongside pertinent names in the industry like Chus & Cheballos, Eva Shaw, and Boregous.

Oscar has been a front-runner in the music game for about 20 years now and is best known for his record label, Murk, his legendary ‘Made In Miami’ sets, and popular productions like “Dark Beat.”

With his roots in Miami and an early ear for hip-hop, it is no wonder his sets are always catchy, rhythmic, and inspirational. Oscar brings passion in finding quality music that can make a crowd move and is in it for all of the right reasons.

Long Island welcomes Oscar with open arms and anticipates another packed, yet intimate night with one of its favorite DJs. Tickets for this Friday’s show at Love, Long Island are available online up until the day of the event and will be available for purchase at the door!

With a busy schedule preparing for gigs and digging for new music to please his crowds, he set aside some time to sit down and chat with us. Here’s what we discovered:

EDMNYC– How do you plan on preparing for Friday night at Love?

Oscar– “I haven’t played in long island in a bit. I’ve been going through a bunch of music and trying to pick out some stuff. I’ve been combining a bunch of new stuff and finding the right things for the right moments.”


EDMNYC- You’ve been in NY a lot the last few weeks — What do you like most about playing here?

Oscar– “That’s a tough question. It’s like a second home for me — I love everything about it.”


EDMNYC– Do you have any other big gigs on the East Coast coming up?

Oscar-“Yeah, Saturday I come back to Miami. I’m doing a Made In Miami event for Art Dazzle week here in Miami, which kind of takes over the art world. We are doing this big outdoor event that basically runs all day Saturday.”


EDMNYC– What are some of your goals heading into the new year?

Oscar– “I’ve been really focused on my label, Murk. I’ve been working on a lot of material with my friend, Ralph Falcon, which I do the Murk stuff with. We have a record out today (12/2) with the vocalist Crystal Waters, that we put together a couple of months ago — It’s unbelievable, it’s awesome. I’ve been focused on that, just new music and finding music for the Murk label.


EDMNYC In creating Made In Miami, what is your process for track selection?

Oscar– “I am kind of obsessive about going through new music and finding new music, sounds and different textures that I can add to sets and stuff like that. For me, it’s just a constant. It’s honestly kind of like a problem (haha), but it’s worked so far!


EDMNYC– If you had to categorize your “sound” in a word or two, what would it be and why?

Oscar– “I guess I would say the words that come to mind is house music, because I would say that’s the anchor to the stuff that I play. It is what I fell in love with early on. Honestly, I hate categories in general when it comes to music. It’s confusing when you get into trying to categorize things. I just want people to come out and listen!”


EDMNYC– Is there any one song that you’ve produced and have a special emotional attachment to?


Oscar– “There are several songs that I definitely have some kind of attachment to and when you write songs, it’s usually coming from some sort of place or angle — it reflects something going on in your life. There are a lot of songs that do that for me. A specific example that comes to mind is “Back To You.” When I wrote that song I was definitely going through some emotional kind of stage in my life and I think that is where it stemmed from.”


EDMNYC– If you could collaborate with any one DJ, producer, band, or vocalist (dead or living) who would it be and why?


Oscar– “I don’t know, maybe Bob Marley. He is so iconic and I’ve never heard anything he did that I didn’t like.”


EDMYC So now that no shave November is over, will the beard be shaved?!


Oscar– “Of course not, but you never know! It’s been gone before (haha).


EDMNYC– Do you want to leave us with anything for your fans coming to Love on Friday?

Oscar– “Just know that I always look forward to Long Island. They’ve always given me love, since day one. For as long as I can remember, there have been no bad parts. I always look forward to it!




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