Subliminal Strikes Long Island


Erick Morillo At Love, Long Island

By: Cristiana Votta



Passion, funk, and house music spiraled through the air as Love nightclub marked another successful night for the books. After being away from the island for nearly a year, Erick Morillo brought another high energy set to his large New York fan base.

On Friday, November 28th, the Love crew set up in anticipation for another huge night. The signature “Subliminal” sign was hung out front inviting the masses into their doors, the DJ booth was personalized with some of Erick’s signature touches, and his renowned glowing signs were hung from the ceilings — it was time to get the party started. After these key changes, Love opened their doors to Erick Morillo’s debut, which was nothing short of perfect.

Heating up the night was Long Island native, DJ Dami. Dami is no stranger to the intimate Love vibes and played one of the most proper opening sets of 2014. The dance floor packed early in anticipation of the house legend and Dami provided them with exactly the warm up that they needed.By dropping legendary tracks like Aleg’s “Deficit” and a very unique “Animals” remix, he pumped the crowd up and prepared them for a long night of dancing and fervent beats. Another crowd favorite of his set was the always-popular “One Night In Havana.”

Morillo’s arrival and admittance to the booth hyped the crowd even more and once he began to speak on the microphone, the crowd went absolutely nuts. He kicked off the night at a nice measurable pace and quickly brought things up to speed about an hour into his set.

The tracks got deeper and funkier as the crowd got rowdier — enthusiasm was through the roof on both sides. Morillo dropped an array of classic tracks and his own original tracks. Among crowd favorites were “Heartbeat” and one of the grooviest remixes of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” ever.

The energy Morillo brings to each of his sets is truly unexplainable —he remains both composed and energetic throughout. His glowing spirit had the Long Island crowd wanting for more. Not to worry New York house heads — on Saturday, December 6th, he will bring his talents to Pacha NYC as a part of their 9-year anniversary.



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