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3Lau Haus — Webster Hall Brite Nites

By: Cristiana Votta

1979751_738740442841550_8257192061831848205_nNovember 29th marked another sold-out Brite Nites show at Webster Hall NYC. The event was host to headliner 3Lau and support from Pierce Fulton, Lucky Date, and quick surprise guest, Carnage.

What a scene it was. From the minute you could spot Webster Hall from a distance, you knew it was going to be a wild night. The general admission line wrapped down the block and around the movie theater, which is a decent distance from the venue.

It was a cold night, but once everyone made their way inside, they heated up quickly to the packed club. Each level was filled to capacity and the crowd was hyped from start to finish.

Pierce Fulton hit the decks early and provided a proper opening set for the crowd to grove to. Playing various versions of crowd favorites like “Blame It On The Night” and “Sticky Fingers,” he had the crowd singing along and getting into the right vibes for the madness they were about to witness.

The main floor and the mezzanine were extremely overcrowded early in the night, but management, security, and the rest of the Brite Nites team held composure for a flawless night of success.

Around 1:15, the man of the night took to his thrown. The crowd was so amped and the excitement in Webster Hall was real. 3Lau’s vibes turned the room into a festival type atmosphere — the entire place bounced, literally.

The mezzanine’s normal “flex” seemed to be swooping even lower than normal. Early on 3Lau dropped “Rhythm Of The Night,” which had the crowd excited and singing along. Later into his set, he pulled his friend DJ Carnage up on stage and the crowd got even more ecstatic.

3Lau won over his crowd with pizza, champagne showers, and some cash for his fans. Fan favorites like “Stay The Night” and “A Thing Called Love” were dropped and 3Lau’s musical talent truly flourished. His set was impressive; hitting various feels, genres, and energies over its entirety.

Living up to the hype and closing out the night was California boy, Lucky Date. His set was essential in that the crowd’s emotions had survived a roller-coaster effect and he needed to bring everyone back to reality. He added to the night of classic sing alongs by dropping tracks like “Freaks Have More Fun,” and a sure crowd pleaser, “Bounce Generation.”

Next Saturday, Brite Nites is calling all Bassheads out of Webster’s basement and up onto the main floor for Brillz and Snails.



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