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This year we were lucky enough for Halloween to fall on the weekend. It was a Friday night so everyone had a full weekend of getting dressed up in costume. Whether you wore the same costume both nights, had a separate costume for each night or didn’t dress up at all, it was still a jammed packed weekend of fun.

Starting off the weekend, on Halloween night, was BOO combined with Pier of Fear. With 9 artists in 9 hours it was a night of pure entertainment. Saturday was the second night at the Pier of Fear and after a nice long nap I was ready to go. If it was anything compared to the night before I already knew I was in for a good time.

Walking into the Pier around 11:30pm on Saturday I was able to catch the end John Dahlback set which, from the sound of it, was quite good. Saturday, I didn’t have my group from the previous night and I was able to do as a I pleased and ventured off into the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my group on Friday night, but having to always find everyone and stick together can become a pain after a while. Surprisingly, it was not as crowded Saturday as it was Friday. I guess that’s also because there were not two events combined Saturday night.


Not only was I partying alone Saturday, but I was finally able to test out my new ear plugs, DUBS Acoustic Filters. I have been in the market for some ear buds, but when I had the opportunity to give these a try, I was on board. After I checked my coat, I inserted the DUBS Acoustic Filters into my ears and went about my night. At first, you realize that you have earbuds in, but as the night went on I completely forget that I had them in.

On Friday I didn’t have the DUBS and was a bit worried that they were going to drown out the sound, especially at the Pier, because the sound isn’t the greatest, but that was not the case at all. These DUBS Acoustic Filters really blocked out the background noise and focused in on the overall music. Plus, I didn’t have to take them out to have a conversation with someone.


As midnight hit, Dirty South took the stage opening his set with “Unbreakable” feat. Sam Martin. As I looked out over with the crowd as “Walking Alone” played in the background I saw people dressed as sailors, where’s waldo, and pandas. Obviously, they were Nicky Romero masks every where as well. It didn’t matter what people were dressed as though because they still tore it up on the dance floor as Dirty South threw down song after song. From “Freefallin'” feat. Gita Lake to “Your Heart” (Michael Brun Remix) the crowd was so energetic. Ending off his set with “City of Dreams” (Showtek Remix) the whole pier was singing right along, even myself.


Saturday, I felt it was a lot colder at the pier than Friday. It could have been to the lack of extra bodies or my lack of alcohol intake. To gain some more warmth I moved over to the side of the stage right when Nicky Romero was getting on the decks. It wasn’t much warmer, but the view of the crowd was amazing and I could even see Nicky wearing Dubs Acoustic Filters himself.


Nicky Romero’s opening was fantastic. The crowd looked like a sea of stars due to the fact that everyone was holding up their phones to film the intro. The ice formation on the screen, slowly turned into a hand and then the streamers and fog filled the crowd as the bass dropped.


Being that it was my first time seeing Nicky Romero, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did he drop newer tunes such as “Heroes,” by Alesso, but he even threw in older tunes, such as “Ghosts N Stuff,” by Deadmau5 and “Sweet Dreams,” by Eurythmics. His set held such a variety that I look forward to seeing him again. He knows how to wow a crowd and he also knows what kind of ear plugs to wear. These DUBS Acoustics Filters will be coming out with me all the time now. They are even stored in this little travel case so you won’t lose them in your bag or pocket.


Another great aspect of Nicky it that he is very in touch with his fans. There was this one girl in the crowd that had a sign saying, “Nicky Romero, you make it feel like home.” Nicky had the sign brought up on stage and held it up for all his fans to see. It is such a pleasure to see the DJ’s appreciate their fans that much.


Overall the night was a success. Even though the music went silent for a few seconds during Nicky’s set he recovered with ease. The crowd had so much energy all night and everyone was rocking their costumes, while I rocked my DUBS Acoustics Filters. On the way out the door, I wound up running into one of my fellow EDMNYC photographers who was wearing them himself. He even mentioned that he felt he heard the music better and the clarity was incredible. If you are in the market for ear plugs I highly suggest DUBS Acoustics Filters and if you have never been to the pier you should certainly give it a shot!


~Meesh for EDMNYC


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