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Ever have those unexpected nights? You know those nights when you find yourself walking into your house at 7:00 am and waking up at 9:00 am for work. Their are only 2 thoughts going through your mind. “I want to go back sleep” and “That was a Bitchin’ night”. Well thats exactly what happened on Friday October 17 with Claude vonstroke, and Kill Frenzy. Before the full on madness of the non-stop moving to the groovy yet, funny beats of claude vonstroke. I got a taste of kill frenzy. As a first timer to Marquee NYC I was expecting to wait on a huge line, and having to go through a million people just to get in. WRONG! It was the total opposite, the doorman along with body guards were completely amazing, quick, and showed great hospitality. Cat walking my way through the ally I recognize that marque letter-lighting. You know the one that everyone on Instagram has taken a picture with…and so did I. The music was getting louder and my head was doing it’s embarrassing side-to-side bob. Oh boy, let the night begin.


Watching the strobe lights roam through-out the club I got a glimpse of the person on stage. Curly hair, a quarter of it shaved off like skrillex, yup it was Kill Frenzy and he was just playing his new track off his new album Taylr Swft. Hearing “Hanna, Molly, Lizzy, Vanessa…… no painties on”, I was so totally ready to dance and let’s just say the ladies on the dance floor were digging the track ASS well. Kill frenzy had dropped a few tracks off his new album to give us a taste what our ears are to expect and what other tech house artists will soon start to incorporate within their live sets. Along with “no painties” I was also lucky to catch him play “All night long”  and Oh my God, what an amazing track to get the goosebumps to. Wether you know or don’t know how to dance, your feet will not stop moving. All in all Kill frenzy’s set was extremely satisfying and well put together. His full album will be out on October 31st, on Birdhouse, dirtybird label. This is a completely different tech-house sound than what is normally played, which makes it all the more better. Claude vonstroke quotes “I’m almost sad to start sharing the new Kill Frenzy album with everyone else because it has been my secret weapon all summer.”


Next up was the man who’s name was a random joke that caught on after a series of tracks grabbed the attention of underground dance music in 2005. It was time for Claude VonStorke. Starting off with his track “Califuture” followed by “EYE I EYE” the night had just exceeded my expectations. It’s always hard to describe an artist and their sound, because some of them may sound the same believe it or not, but for Vonstroke it’s only one sound you will mainly hear. It’s the dirtybird bird sound. It’s the combination of an Insturmental, melody, groovy, tech-house beat. For those whom aren’t aware VonStroke started the “dirtybird” label at the very late age of 32 and thus far it’s had such success and amazing artists signed to the label. I am not sure how the marquee crowd usually is, but I saw tons of familiar faces that I have seen previously at the dirty bird BBQ not long ago in Brooklyn, NY. Barely any phones were out because people were too busy having a good time, keeping up with Claud Vonstrokes unexpected drops. Like a cingular bar the night went from okay, to good, to great, to walking in the house at 7:00am and having a 2 hour nap before work.

Thank you Marquee, Claude Vonstroke, and Kill Frenzy for an unforgettable night and a painful morning. 🙂

Preview of Kill Frenzy’s Album:

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