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Lose It Fridays started off Halloween month right, as trap “Legends” Yellow Claw hosted a memorable party last Friday, October 3rd. Flaming off their success of their most recent Mad Descent EP Amsterdam Trap Music Vol. 2, the Dutch trio made a stop on their North American tour to one of New York’s most famous EDM clubs, Pacha NYC. Bizzey, Jim and Nizzle signed with Mad Descent and Spinnin’ records in 2013 and since then the world hasn’t been big enough for these rising stars. Yellow Claw brought a lot of firepower last Friday, playing a serious trap set for the entire big apple to see.

When you think of summer the first thing that probably comes to mind is pool parties, nice bodies, a little partying, and of course some twerking. Too bad those are just memories of the past now, since fall is in full swing here in New York City. The leaves have begun to fall, outfits have become less revealing and the only thing you’re doing to your pool now is closing it. Yellow Claw was exactly what everyone needed to boost their spirits and bring a little summer flavor back to fall.

Dressed to impress and ready to go, my walk down 46th street was an exciting one to say the least. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been to Pacha, after moving to Miami for several months. The line outside of the club was growing by the second, as dozens of mini trap stars lined up to party. I have to admit, I missed the enormous cherries outside and the extensive search just to gain access.

I walked into the club around 12:30 am, as the hard, bass-pumping sounds of BLVK SHEEP screamed through the speakers. Damn, I missed this place. The twerk wall was already in full effect, as girls lined up next to the showers to show everyone their twerking skills. Really?!…is this what I’ve been missing. As I made my way to the mezzanine I hear a song being played with fire alarms, followed by a Tiesto like melody. The bass drops and the entire dance floor explodes; “What is this song?”, I say to myself. BLVK SHEEP dropped “3 Percent” by Kronic & Krunk!, which was an absolute club banger. The red sign across from the booth which reads “Lose It Fridays” is instantly illuminated with majestically colored lights and strobes. Pacha looked stunning.

BLVK SHEEP played an amazing opening trap set, incorporating different styles and genres in his work. He went anywhere from hard style, to trap, even dipped into electro here and there. The SHEEP played for about an hour and a half, making way for the Dutch trio around 1:30 am.

I positioned myself at one of the VIP tables directly across from the DJ, so I could get a good view of the trap stars, Yellow Claw. After a few horns, sirens and hype man Mizzey going crazy on the mic for about a minute, the famous “Yellow mother fucking Claw” voice blasted throughout Pacha. The first song they dropped was one of their newly produced tracks “Imma Head”, which introduced the blinding white fog throughout Pacha for the first time all night. Once the crowd became visible again, it was clear that the dance floor was a zoo. Girls were twerking on any stage they can find, people on shoulders everywhere; was this Pacha or EDCNY? I really couldn’t tell the difference.

Yellow Claw didn’t let up all night. After dropping their first song they went right into it, playing their new release “Legends”. Not one person in the entire club was sitting still, as the Rasta vocals produced positive vibes that suffocated the 46th street night club. An enormous LED robot came walking through the mezzanine, dazzling the party goers even more. Selfies were at a premium, as everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly. There was no shortage of hip hop on this night as the Dutch trio dropped their own version of Yung Felix’s “No Flex Zone” and Biggie’s “DKNY”. I mean why not play one of New York’s most legendary songs.

Yellow Claw’s set was a short one, but memorable to say the least. Since the trio has produced dozens of their own tracks, it wasn’t hard for them to keep up the tempo and pace all night. They continued on to drop tracks such as “Koala” and “Never Dies” (ft. Lil Eddie), but the most memorable song of the night was one that was collaborated with hip hop mogul, Waka Flaka. When Yellow Claw dropped “Techno” the dance floor turned into a complete frenzy. White fog seemingly made the twerkers vanish, leaving only visible an enormous white cloud accompanied by seizure like strobe lights. Goosebumps and chills were they only thing left for my body to do. It was epic to see.

Lose It Fridays has been the greatest addition to Pacha that I could remember. Not only do they consistently have a stacked lineup every week, but the show that they host is definitely a work of art. My return to Pacha was a memorable one to say the least, leaving me with just another crazy night to remember. The evolution of EDM has been brilliant, as many DJs are now incorporating various genres of music into their own. I try not to be biased in one area of EDM; in return this develops my palate for better music. Yellow Claw along with BLVK SHEEP was a night to remember and I hope all of you had the opportunity to pass by the 46th street club, even if it was a short lived one.

The party resumes this Friday as Pacha NYC continues their “Lose It Fridays” with the infamous Henrix and Sevag. Get your tickets now at Pacha’s website or!

Justin Marchese for EDMNYC


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