Marquee Welcomes Skrillex For His Intimate Performance


Upset about Ezoo being cancelled and not being able to see Jack U? So were we. Thankfully Skrillex is in town this Thursdsay, September 4th, at Marquee. Earlier in August Skrillex made this surprise announcement that he would be playing at Marquee.  He will be taking to the decks of the club for an intimate performance far different from the huge festivals he appears at normally.

Skrillex first made a name for himself as a dubstep producer, his recent performances and collaborations have been defying genre boundaries, experimenting with new sounds, or him just saying fuck it and playing a hip hop record because he feels like it. As you know, Skrillex and Diplo have a running act called Jack U, which was supposed to happened at Ezoo this past Sunday. There set would have been a sick mix of electro, twerk, trap and dubstep.

Even though Marquee is a more intimate, upscale venue doesn’t mean that Skrillex will be tame. Anything and everything could happen and if you like the idea of a night with unpredictable, yet limitless possibilities, then Thursday is the night for you. Plus, due to the cancellation of Ezoo, he promised he was going to make it up to us. Could this be the night he does?

~Meesh for EDMNYC


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