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Now that EDC Vegas is over and ravers are back in New York, what do they do? They all swarm to Governor’s Island to fulfill their post festival depression. What better way to fill their festival blues than a glorious sunny Sunday, on the water, with a beautiful view of New York City? Being one of the hotter days so far this year, there was certainly less clothing worn than the previous weekend. I could only imagine what the outfits were like at EDC Vegas.

Knowing perfectly well that this was a cash only venue, I made a rookie mistake and forgot my debit card. I had no choice, but to spend my $40 wisely. Not only that, but while getting a bottle of water I overheard someone mention that they brought a water bottle cap with them. Genius! I am definitely making sure I bring one with me next time. If you have never been to Governor’s Beach Club before, they serve you $5 bottles of water and don’t give you the cap. I don’t understand why.

Getting into Governor’s Beach Club just in time to catch some of Matt Goldman’s set was clutch. I’ve never heard him before, but I did enjoy the rest of his set. One of my favorite songs was “Arms Around Me,” by Hard Rock Sofa & Skida. It is a super hypnotic, but progressive track. Once he completed his set Bare hopped on the decks. Before attending this show my friend originally asked me who was playing at Governor’s and I just mentioned Bingo Players and Clockwork. After he searched it himself he said “You didn’t tell me Bare was going to be there.” Due to the fact that I didn’t know much about Bare I didn’t mention it, but apparently that was a selling point for him. Needless to say, Bare killed it and was my favorite set of the night. I was blown away.

Bare opened strong, throwing in all the popular tunes mashed up perfectly with others. From “Colors” to “Heads Will Roll” and mashing up “Woo Hoo,” by Blur with “Cannonball,” by Showtek and Justin Prime feat. Matthew Koma, I was at a lose for words. As he screamed, “Where you at New York?,” the crowd exploded and he dropped “Lights & Thunder,” by Krewella & Gareth Emery. Other tunes consisted of “Jealous (I Ain’t With It),” but Chromeo, “Alive,” by Krewella, “Summer,” by Calvin Harris and a nasty mashup of “Animals,” by Martin Garrix with “Put Your Fucking Hands Up.” Dropping a brand new track at 6:30pm, the night was still young. Bare had the crowd jumping when DJ Snake’s Remix of “Turn Down For What” came on and he had the crowd singing when “Show Me Love,” by Robin S blared through the speakers. Half way through his set he shouted out “NY, who’s getting fucked up? Me too!” Obviously, everyone’s hands were in the air and the crowd bursted with energy. Bare continued on with “Pompeii,” by Bastille and a mashup of “Sweet Nothing,” by Calvin Harris and “You,” by Galantis. He closed out his set with hip hop, playing “It Was All A Dream,” by Biggie.

The crowd responded enthusiastically to Bare’s set. Between the kid next to me dancing his ass off and saying, “My dick is about to fall off because it’s so hot in here,” and the dude in front of me chomping on his pink rubber bracelet because he was raging to hard and had no gum, it seemed like pretty solid set to me. I just hope they hydrated for the next set because Henry Fong was on next.

7:10pm and Henry Fong dropped “Ping Pong.” As this was playing this sweaty, shirtless bro to my right was actually moving his arm to the beat playing air pin pong. It was quite entertaining. Henry performed a great set, throwing in some songs as:

“Thriller,” by Michael Jackson

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This),” by Eurythmics

“Latch,” by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith

“Welcome To The Jungle Bitch,” by Alvaro & Mercer ft Lil John.

“Leave The World Behind You,” By Swedish House Maffia

Clockwork got on stage immediately after Henry Fong around 8:40pm and yelled, “NYC, I go by the name Clockwork!” The crowd was ecstatic and people started shoulder riding and crowd suffering. Some guy was even standing on another dudes shoulders! During the middle of his set you could see the Gay Pride fireworks going off on the other side of the water. It was just perfect. His set consisted of the below and more!

“Sweet Nothing,” by Calvin Harris

“Big Bad Wolf,” by Duck Sauce

“Pompeii,” Bastille

“Summer,” by Calvin Harris

“Satisfaction,” By Benny Benassi

“Last Chance,” by Kaskade & Project 46

“Latch,” by Disclosure

“Party Up (Up In Here),” by DMX

“Lean Back,” by Fat Joy

“One More Time,” by Daft Punk

10:15pm and the Bingo Players started of with “Rattle.” People were shuffling left and right, on the concrete and in the sand. By this point the place was packed and very sweaty. Regardless, people still pushed past you to make their way up front. Everyone has always raved about the Bingo Players and I never understood why until this past weekend. Being a first time Bingo Players attendee, I now understand what all the fuss is about. Maarten, closed out Governor’s Beach Club amazingly. Tunes such as, “Latch,” by Disclosure, “Cold As Ice,” by Forigner, “Numb,” by Lincoln Park and “Cry.” Unfortunately, I had to leave before the set ended because some of us had work in the morning, unlike all the college kids who have off for the summer. While standing in line for the ferry and looking over at the raging crowd, depressed, I saw t-shirts being thrown out as “Knock You Out” played.

The whole day was an absolute blast, except for the part when I had to leave early. It’s the only downfall for having an event on a Sunday night. Besides that it was a solid Sunday Funday. Although, I hoped your favorite songs were “Pompeii,” by Bastille and “Latch,” by Disclosure, because those were played at least three times each. I can understand why though, because every time they were dropped the crowd just broke out into song. I know I sang along each time. I hope that this past weekend filled all the EDC Vegas blues.

~Michelle Fetky






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