We Are Explosive 3D presents: Sultan + Ned Shepard at Stage 48 on Thursday July 3rd, 2014



The day before July 4th is always stressful. You don’t know what party, what event, or where to watch the fireworks. How about you stop stressing yourself out and check out Sultan + Ned Shepard perform at Stage 48 on Thursday July 3rd, along with Jayden Park, Static & Bass, R3dbeard, Lestat, and Marco Cee.  For those whom aren’t aware,  this Canadian duo has had one heck of a year releasing tracks that made it to the top 10 on Beatport including “All these Roads”, “No Good” ft Fedde Le Grand, “Close to me” ft Tiesto and Quilla, “Deeper Love” ft Junior Sanchez and many more. Having a residency at HQ nightclub in Atlantic City, NJ it’s great to see these guys come to the New York City once in a while to remind us what good progressive music sounds like. The last time these guys performed in New York was at the mainstage Mysteryland USA , and WOW! These guys definitely know how to make your legs move all night. So stop being boring and Buy your tickets:HERE



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