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This year’s inaugural Mysteryland USA left a lasting impression on the fans, artists, staff and media in attendance. The scenic beauty of the grounds and the historical significance of music culture resonated throughout the hills and in everyone’s hearts. Relive the magic of Mysteryland USA with the official aftermovie and get psyched for next year – watch it here!

Mysteryland USA had countless special moments but instead of waiting for the drop, “it was about an overall experience rather than a waiting game for that ‘winner takes all’ epic moment. Every moment was epic,” described Noise Porn.

Mysteryland USA thanks all the fans, creative and music artists bringing their talents to share, and the hard-working crew making it all possible to bring this magical experience and unforgettable first edition to the USA.

Looking forward to #MLUSA2015!!

Mysteryland USA Artist Quotes:

“Even though the music is different and we don’t really know if they would appreciate this kind of music. I think the vibe is the same and the reason why we are here is the same and it is about the community and the love and the revolution of kids expressing themselves through music with music.” –BRILLZ

“It’s an honor for me to close out Mysteryland. In American music history this is hallowed ground. I think electronic music has a lot in common with the spirit of rock and roll and what Woodstock had going on at the time. We are kind of the new kids on the block and this music isn’t accepted by everyone so we are still kind of getting into pop culture and I think its appropriate that this festival is here and kicking down the door.” –KASKADE

“I love music festivals… but I’m much more interested in festivals that can integrate music and arts, music and culture and music and spirutiality.” -MOBY

“To come out here and play on Woodstock grounds, first year ever headlining on the main stage there’s nothing more iconic. [Mysteryland] is one of those festivals that holds down the legacy of dance music it’s been around for so many years. It’s been part of what we do for so long. It kinda makes sense to bring the tradition over here to America. The festival grounds of Woodstock, that’s pretty epic.” -STEVE AOKI

Mysteryland USA in the Press:

[Mysteryland USA’s] musical selection also reflected the festival’s philosophy of inclusion and discovery. Aside from the now radio-familiar names such as Steve Aoki and Kaskade, who both headlined the towering Main Stage, plenty of electronic music sub-genres and niche sounds could be heard pumping throughout the grounds.”Billboard

“Mysteryland US creates a community, instead of a crowd, during inaugural event.”DancingAstronaut

“It wasn’t just music, camping, partying, production, community or history; it was about all of it, and so much more. Everyone had their own journey… The magic of these moment surround us all; there was no one else on the planet that was apart of what a 20-year running festival and 45 years of magical festival grounds could write to history.”Daily Star

“Mysteryland’s first time in the States certainly made an impression and left its footprint in dance-music history.”DJ Times

“What made Mysteryland so enchanting were the positive vibes, attention to detail and downright amazing music on every single stage of the festival.”

“Mysteryland was where we continued to define the electronic music culture as a place for peace, love, unity, and respect.”EDM Tunes

“Mysteryland made its US debut this Memorial Day Weekend, setting a new standard for the music festival scene in America as we know it. [It] indeed pushed EDM forward this inaugural year, executing a safe, sustainable community for a uniquely immersive sensory experience.”Elite Daily

“It was whimsical, powerful, endlessly creative and held at a gorgeous location — Bethel Woods, the site of the 1969 Woodstock.”Rolling Stone

“When experiencing the entire day across the grounds you can’t help but feel it. This sense of history, community and love for the music was present in everyone you talked to.”Spotify

“The wonder and pride of Mysteryland was its variety of incredibly produced, well-thought-out stages and activities throughout the grounds.”Thump

“Together with the amazing stages and awesome scenery, it all made a perfect fantasy setting.”Ultimate Festival Guide

“Mysteryland allows its guests to become part of a truly interactive environment, not knowing what exactly is going to happen next. You can meet people from the same place that you’re from, or from the other side of the globe. You can hear new music from acts you might not have heard of, or you can check out a favorite performer in a unique new setting.”Upstate Live

Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery.

~Michelle Fetky


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