Size Records presents “The Swap” – by: Michael Poselski & Michelle Fetky


the swap

Marquee or Lavo?  Marquee or Lavo?  A typical question on a Saturday night.  It usually all boils down to which DJ you desire to see the most.  Well, not Saturday the 19th!  The brainchild of Strategic group’s Jonathan Schwartz, and in partnership with Size Records, LAVO and Marquee introduced “The Swap.”  One night, two venues and four DJ’s that specialized in Swedish House.  With each DJ spinning an hour-long set, there was no need to be indecisive about which venue to attend because either way, you would get to experience all four!

Qulinez started the night off at Marquee at the stroke of midnight.  Alexander Lager and Johannes Gustafsson really knew how to get the crowd going. Dropping some Hip Hop and Rap tracks within their set was a great way to mix it up. They were even taking selfies on club goers’ phones that were handed up to them over the booth. After some selfies were taken, they were taking some shots of their own in between songs, alcoholic of course. They continued to drop some epic tunes and got the crowd riled up for the next performer.

Meanwhile over at Lavo, Third Party manifested an energy that made the sold out party feel less crowded and more intimate by getting the people moving. With feet being shuffled and bodies jumping, the crowd was nothing less than energetic. After hitting them with a barrage of well-blended hits, Third Party acknowledged their gratitude by closing out with their very own “Thank You” featuring Loleatta Holloway. What a heart felt way to end their bumping set.

Around 1am at Marquee, Max Vangeli took over with a smooth transition into his set.  He was so energetic and was always bopping back and forth on stage, clapping his hands in the air and singing along to every vocal.  He spun in “Last Night Changed It All” as well as “People Of The Night.”  While he was rocking the dance floor at Marquee, Max’s partner in crime AN21 was doing the same at Lavo.  I did not know what to expect since I am used to seeing this Swedish duo spin B2B.  AN21 definitely proved that he could carry the show on his own!  Gorgeous dancers dressed as exotic butterflies took to the stage to move with the music and fill the club with blissful energy as AN21 played original tracks like “Rebel” and his bootleg of “Smack My B*itch Up.”  He wrapped up his set with vocal-friendly tracks that the crowd happily sang along to including “Nothing Better” and “Glow”.

Third Party appeared on stage as the crowd was showered in confetti at Marquee.  Mixing in their own Red Hot Chili Peppers “Otherside” remix, and some Alesso, I definitely lost myself in their set.  The bass felt through my feet, and the strobing lights, amplified their set completely.  Meanwhile, Qulinez were all smiles at Lavo.  They had the crowd bouncing with big room tracks that were mixed seamlessly with a little bit of hip hop.  They even took a moment to pose for an epic photo op for us before they finished with their very own “Rising Like The Sun.”

Closing the night at Marquee was Steve Angello‘s little brother, Antoine Josefsson, aka, AN21.  Anyway, he had the ladies dancing on stage with him as he spun into the early hours of the morning.  His stage presence was a sight to see as he basked in the love that the crowd had given him.  The big disco ball that was encased in steel and wrapped in lights, dropped closer to the dance floor for a much sensual atmosphere.  You could feel AN21’s energy throughout the whole venue from his passionate set.  A great set to end such an unbelievable night.

For the final act, the staff at Lavo circulated glow sticks to all of the patrons as Max Vangeli took to the decks.  It was a special moment to watch the crowd illuminate the dance floor as they raved and waved along to Vangeli’s tunes way past his time set.  His stage presence was a sight to behold.  With his eyes closed and his arms out he basked in the love that the crowd was emanating and worked off of it to produce an even dirtier mix.  Besides the many hits that he produced over the last few years, he played bass heavy tracks like Hard Rock Sofa’s “Arms Around Me” and Eddie Thoneick & Abel Ramos’ track “Love Will Never Let You Down.”  The ability to really connect with the hearts and minds of the crowd is what makes Swedish House one of the best genres and the Size Crew the undisputed successors to the legacy that Swedish House Mafia had left behind.

“The Swap” was a huge success and certainly one for the books, a real game changer.  You certainly know when you find confetti in your shoes from the weekend while getting ready for work on Monday.  When the next Swap comes around, your question will be what club atmosphere do I want tonight?  Do I want Marquee, a multi-floor warehouse turned club vibe or Lavo, an upscale intimate underground dance floor vibe?

-Michael Poselski & Michelle Fetky for EDMNYC


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