REVIEW: Clockwork @ Webster Hall 04/04/14 by Michelle Fetky


Where are you?” was the repeat text I kept receiving from my friend who was anxious to see my sister and I for our pre-game session on Friday night, April 4th. We hadn’t seen each other in a few months and were excited that he agreed to come to see Clockwork with us. Upon arrival to his Upper East Side apartment, my sister and I got buzzed in and started our climb up to the fifth floor. That was just the beginning of our workout for the night.

Midnight rolled around faster than expected and my sister and I were ready to go. We played Clockwork the whole time at the apartment and got everyone amped up. By the time we were ready to head back down the five flights of stairs, we had convinced two more friends to join us. Success! Of course it was another rainy night, but we quickly hailed a cab and began our drive to Webster Hall.

The entrance line was basically non-existent when we arrived at 12:30. Everyone was already inside anxiously awaiting Clockworks performance. The coat line however, was horrendous. Sometimes I am so tempted to just fling my coat in a corner and hope for the best. I don’t know about you, but I am beyond ready for summertime so I don’t have to worry about all these layers.

After the long coat check process was finished, my sister grabbed my hand and we darted for the front. Squeezing past all the sweaty bodies was not even an issue because we had one focus, Clockwork! I remember seeing him at Pier 94 on New Years Eve when he opened for Alesso, but Webster Hall is a much more sensual venue.

No matter where Clockwork performs he always tears it up. He had the crowd jumping out of control when he dropped a dirty mix of “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,” had me crying when he played “Lose Myself” and had everyone singing along to “Reload.” His set had so much emotion and passion that I was actually crying on the dance floor. That’s embarrassing. Thankfully, someone on stage soaked us with water which helped conceal the tears.

The good vibes up front were incredible. The two guys over to the left were hanging over the divider whipping their hair around, and a couple behind us were busy getting tongue tied. My sister was glued to the front divider, speechless. Bobbing to his music, she occasionally turned back and gave me that awe-inspired look, not only because of how adorable he is, but because of his beat dropping skills.

2:30am hit and the place was still jumping, with “Lose My Mind” playing in the background. My phone came back to life at this point, thank God. It was in overload due to the abundance of videos and photos I took. It just decided to freeze and shut down. Maybe that means I need to invest in a new phone? At least it didn’t crash!

Phone back in action and the tunes still pumping, the dancing continued. Song, after song, Clockwork had the crowd mesmerized. Between “Satisfaction” and “Welcome To The Jungle Bitch”, it was glorious. At 3am he closed his set with some new tunes, mixing in “Leave the World Behind.” After a night like that, that is exactly what I wanted to do, leave the world behind me. Unfortunately, I still had a massive coat check line to deal with, which took a solid 40 minutes.

Coat in hand and sister ready to leave, we located the closest exit and stepped outside. The rain had finally ended and the cool, night air felt refreshing.  We hopped in a cab and left Webster behind… it was another unforgettable night. Clockwork made our ears ring, our legs burn, and our make-up run. If you ask me, that is a sign of a magnificent night. See you next time, Webster!

Michelle Fetky for EDMNYC


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