REVIEW: Brite Nites @ Webster Hall with Benny Benassi 03/29/14 by Michelle Fetky


Last Saturday was dreary, rainy and straight up depressing, not only because of the weather, but because I was stuck in New York instead of being at Ultra. Luckily, Benny Benassi was in NYC to turn the night around. For those of you who were left behind in New York while your friends were under the sun in Ultra now saw a glimmer of sunshine. Once again, Brite Nites at Webster Hall pulled through, having the Electro House story-teller Benny Benassi take the stage for a sold out show.

After mustering up the energy to get out of my sweatpants and into my rave attire, I made my way to a jam-packed Webster Hall. Thankfully, I wore my hooded jacket and remembered my umbrella. Standing on that long line was no joke, but once inside the wait was totally worth it and I couldn’t care if it was snowing outside.

The place was packed, but that didn’t stop people from pushing by to get as close to the front as possible. If you were willing to get pushed and have sweaty bodies pushed up against you, then getting to the front was a piece of cake. I’m not one for the crowds but Benny was well worth the many beer showers I received throughout the evening.

After pushing through the masses, I found myself in the middle of the crowd. DJ Jess Marquis was on stage setting the mood for the night already spinning Alesso’s “Under Control”! Naturally, there was a person shoulder-riding in front of me, so I shimmed over to gain full view of the stage, and what a beautiful view it was.

Once Benny Benassi was behind the decks, it didn’t matter where you were in the crowd. Whether in the middle, or up in VIP, we felt every beat of Benny’s set flow right through us. From the floor bouncing underneath our feet to the lights beaming through our soul, we felt his presence all around us.

Despite coming on at 1:30am, Benny didn’t disappoint! He blew the roof off Webster Hall with his amazing set!  Adding to the fire of his beats, there were dancers spinning fire on the stage, and aerialists performing from the ceiling… and the night had only just begun.

When “Cinema” came on, my heart just melted. It is such an amazing track and I for one will never get sick of it, especially the Skrillex remix. Everyone sang along and jumped so hard when it dropped. Later on, Benny dropped “Krakatoa” by Carnage and the crowd went wild! He closed out his set with a tune from his upcoming album. Can you say ‘teaser’?  I cannot wait to get my hands on that album!

For all of the EDM heads who were deserted by their friends for Ultra, Benny Benassi was an unreal night, helping us to not miss the warm weather and fun in Miami one bit. Beginning to end, the massive crowd had great energy.  It was certainly a magical Saturday night at Webster Hall. If this is what Brite Nites has in store for the rest of 2014 then we are in for an epic year ahead!

Michelle Fetky for EDMNYC


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