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My friends at Miami-based Ascendance Radio asked me to compile a KhoMha top five list in advance of Coldharbour Night at Dream Nightclub in Miami on March 24th.  Affectionately referred to as Markus, Jr. by some, it’s entirely plausible that you may have heard some of these tracks in a Markus Schulz set before without realizing they weren’t actually his.

I decided to push the list a little further past the familiar KhoMha sound in case you blinked and missed some of his lesser known tracks that deserve an honorable mention.  Here’s the cream of the catalog in descending order, with 1 being the top banger and 10 being the most relaxed offering.

10)  Artemis:  If Coldplay and KhoMha ever go on an all night bender together, this is what their forgotten 7:00 a.m. collaboration will sound like.

9)  Dimensional:  This should be towards the beginning of an extended KhoMha set to get the crowd warmed up but last on your personal KhoMha playlist on your iPod to ease you out of party mode on the way home from the club.

8)  Genesis:  A song with real Trance roots that figures out how to have a gentle touch without also being boring.

7)  Mind Gamer:  Approaches you slowly for a sweet first kiss but changes its mind and slaps the shit out of you instead.

6)  Dusk Riddles:  Not as exciting as KhoMha’s greatest hits but still bears his signature sound and is capable of holding your attention.

5)  Cyclone:  Dark beats with an electro influenced drop that’s so irresistible, R3hab and Deorro may have built Flashlight around it.

4)  Dejavu:  One online critic pretty much summed this track up perfectly – “KhoMha’s rolling basslines are always beast as fuck.”  The added bonus?  Dejavu goes through so many transitions, it’s like 5 tracks lovingly sewn together by hand.

3)  Hydra:  The song you’ve heard in sets and podcasts before but couldn’t ID, so you just assumed it belonged to Markus Schulz.

2)  Vapor:  Up, down. Buildup, free fall.  Strap yourself in and prepare to ride the roller coaster.

1)  The Dark Knight:  Drags you across the ground for a while then quickly drops you off a cliff.

After Coldharbour Night, you can physically catch KhoMha supporting Markus Schulz for the duration of his North American Scream 2 Bus Tour commencing April 2nd at The Graduate in San Luis Obispo, California – and aurally on the deluxe edition of Christian Burns’ Simple Modern Answers where his awesome remix of Bullet has finally found a home.

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