Interview & Review: Prok & Fitch @ Cielo 02/20/14 By Andrew Niebling



A lot of people are saying that 2014 is the year for UK duo Prok & Fitch to explode onto the scene. Ben Prok and James Fitch are my two favorite DJs and producers in the game, and have been since I started listening to them in 2012. They were both number one on my personal ‘Artists to Watch’ list for 2014 that I wrote for EDMNYC a while ago, and they are already exceeding those expectations. This duo has a sound like no other that just keeps you moving non stop till you can’t move anymore. When I hear the name Prok & Fitch, all I think of is real dance music. Their sound and music is so funky and groovy that you can’t help but dance when you hear it. I was so happy to finally see them live for the first time and even more excited that I was going to be interviewing them as well. After sitting down with the Toolroom Records boss Mark Knight last week, this was an incredible experience to do the same with these two gentlemen!

I had been anxiously waiting for this night for at least a good year, so I was beyond pumped when it finally arrived. Prok & Fitch couldn’t have come to NYC at a better time because this event was just three days before my 22nd birthday, so this was definitely a great birthday gift. At around 12:15am on Thursday night,  EDMNYC‘s Editor-in-Chief, Nicole “Swedeheart”, a couple friends and I met up at the Maritime Hotel to finally meet with Prok & Fitch for a chat. I thought I was going to be interviewing them solo but we were all very anxious to meet and talk to them so Nicole and I ended up having basically a double interview haha! They were really excited to be back in NYC and even more excited to be back playing at Cielo. James said during the interview,  “Cielo is a great club as well because we get to play from the heart and really play what we love that comes straight from the heart so we are so happy you guys are digging it”.

We continued to talk about a lot of different things like how they began when they met in a record shop in 2006, Ben used to work in the record shop BPM in Brighton, James used to be in there a lot buying tracks. They were both producing and DJing before they met and once they did, they just clicked and from there on became the duo we know now. They also talked about how being on Toolroom, working with Mark Knight and how much he supports their music is such a big influence on them and the music they produce. I wasn’t surprised when they said that because when we talked to Mark also said how much he supports them and that they are his artists to watch in 2014. They also stated they have a very special production coming out soon that they are currently finishing up with Mark and hopefully by Miami Music Week we will be getting a special treat!

We also got to know other things like their favorite artists like Carl Cox, Yousef , Mark Knight and favorite artists they love to work with like My Digital Enemy, as well as artists they want to work with like Filterheadz. Ben also made a little joke about wanting to work with Daft Punk when I asked that question! Pumping out a lot of original productions is what they’re planning for 2014. After they answered all of our questions for the better part of a half hour, we all made our way over to Cielo for the show. I didn’t think we would be walking into the club with Prok & Fitch so I was pumped up to take a little stroll through the streets of NYC to the club with them, getting to know each other a little more until we got to Cielo just before 1am.

At 1:15am it was finally time for this dynamic duo to start what I had been waiting to see for a year. They began to go to work hitting us with some soulful house music that had everyone dancing right from the intro of their set. The infectious bass and beautiful melodies hypnotized the Cielo crowd as they bounced, swayed and rocked to the music. These two came out guns blazing with straight dance music that I was hoping for ever since first hearing one of their sets online. From countless of their own original tracks to energetic house bangers I’ve never heard, they were completely blowing the roof off of Cielo. I have been to so many different events over the past four years and I can easily say this was the most dancing that I have ever done. I literally couldn’t stop moving my feet because the music was so great. I wish I could have had a list of every single song played but here is a partial playlist of what they dropped on NYC:

  • Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) – Green Velvet 
  • Justified – Prok & Fitch 
  • The Future is Yours (Prok & Fitch Remix) – Kraak & Smaak
  • Finder – Ninetoes
  • Man With Soul – Prok & Fitch 
  • Give It Up – Siwell 
  • I House You – Jay Lumen
  • South Keys – Prok & Fitch
  • Dope Drop- Prok & Fitch

Prok & Fitch kept the New York City crowd dancing in a frenzy till Cielo turned on the lights at 4am. I don’t think there is any other way to explain what dance music truly is supposed to be unless you were there to witness the music yourself. I was lucky enough to be able to rock in the booth with my two favorite artists for the last half hour of their set. I can’t even explain how incredible they were that night. It was like they took us all to house heaven because I don’t think any music has ever been that divine. The music they play doesn’t get more soulful than that.

After they packed up all of their things and they got everyone out of the club, I exited with Prok & Fitch out of Cielo. This was probably the best part of the night for me personally because we had such a fun time out on the streets of NYC walking back to the hotel. We were all talking and laughing about different things and Ben even ended up having a beer chugging contest with someone who we met out on the streets that was at the show. It was such a fun time hanging out with Ben and James and they are two real humble and nice guys. After we exchanged contact information we said our goodbyes and ended the night. I can’t wait for these two to come back to NYC because they really have some serious talent. I would love to see them get a chance to play some different NYC venues such as Marquee, Pacha NYC or Lavo. If you ever have an opportunity to check them out and see them live, I highly suggest you make that a priority because they are incredible!

-Andrew Niebling for EDMNYC




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