Track Review: New World – “Giver of Life” on Abora Recordings


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If you were to look up the words “Uplifting” and “Melodic” in the dictionary of trance, I’m sure “Giver Of Life” by New World would be front and center on the page. I have never written a track review before, and not because I haven’t ever wanted to, simply because no track has ever spoken to me strongly enough, until now.

The track begins with a strong bassline, with an almost unexpected piano interlude, which instantly caught my attention. The breakdown begins to slowly chime in which sent goose bumps up and down my spine, until it reaches its peak of absolute beauty. An orchestral undertone is prevalent throughout the entire track, giving it a somewhat “floaty” feel. I could definitely imagine this track being dropped mid set by some of the biggest names in trance, or possibly blaring through a set of headphones while one watches the sunset on the beach in Ibiza.

The song is absolutely stunning and a rarity of uplifting elegance, considering the popularity of the darker style of trance these days. If this is any indication of what is to come for New World, I’m eager to see what else he has in store for us. I couldn’t be prouder to write my first track review for not only an extremely talented producer, but an artist that is representing trance in the USA. Having already been played on A State Of Trance and released as a Beatport exclusive, it’s risen to #29 on the trance chart. Released on Abora Recordings.


Lauren Anne Genevieve for EDMNYC


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