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Ralph Lauren’s poster child is at it again. Avicii, one of Sweden’s youngest and most talented DJ/Producers, has finally created the most perfect lyric video for his hit single, “Addicted to You”. Just one month before the holiday of love (Valentine’s Day), Vevo decided to premiere one of the greatest modern day love stories to ever hit the online video screen. The song was written by Avicii himself along with his famous manager (from “Levels”) Ash Pournouri, Mac Davis and Josh Krajcik.

The music video flashes a collage of photo reels embedded with pictures of beautiful women and happy, loving couples. Audra Mae’s mesmerizing and seducing voice ripped right through the entire track, like a sharp, jagged knife. The dark and mysterious song starts off slow and then picks up with a steady, yet powerful beat. The lyrics such as “Before I knew what hit me baby you were flowing though my veins…” and “Swore I’d never fall in love again but I fell hard” display inside the reels of film, creating and old school, rustic feel to the pictures.

The song, vocals, and video combined into one could be one the greatest EDM videos of all time. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and there’s nothing a girl likes more than having a guy who pays attention. Check it out and even send it to your girl or crush asking to be theirs. I already sent it to mine (Larissa) as soon as I saw the video, since it reminded me so much of our story as a couple. Check it out…

Justin Marchese for EDMNYC

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